CBS shares new S4 Promo and interviews with #AlexOLoughlin and #DanielDaeKim

Thanks to CBS Press Express for the new interview and clips.. *SPOILERS*





16 thoughts on “CBS shares new S4 Promo and interviews with #AlexOLoughlin and #DanielDaeKim

  1. O.M.G. -this is so great. So excited for the premiere. Yeah, like I wasn’t already. LOL Thanks for this, great way to end the day and go to bed with Action-McGarrett.

  2. I certainly hope Alex doesn’t try to do too much and get hurt again, he really needs to let the stuntmen do their job. I’m all for tight pants or no pants on him. Alex and Daniel both look amazing and add Chi to the mix well that makes for some very manly men together and I’m loving it 🙂

  3. I had a feeling it was Alex jumping on the helicopter and not his stunt double when I first saw the clip. Adrenalin taking over,,,he must have trusted the pilot.
    Roll on the tight pants!!

  4. Perhaps the tight pants is a peace offering from the wardrobe department to make up for always putting the ladies in those awful booties? I’m totally on board with tight pants.

  5. God!! McG is such a badass! Wiping out the death squad all by himself!
    CHI !!!!! No FWA sighting when he’s climbing into the helo, so hello Justin!

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