White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

Summer TCA party July 2012

Summer TCA party July 2012


22 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. This man in a shirt!! OMG! Pfiou…RIP my panties!!
    I’m glad they let Steve dress more often like Alex in season 3 (didn’t like those over shirts for many reasons!).
    The grey hair…unf…
    We shouldn’t forget THE neck porn… *–*

  2. Eyes, lashes, mouth and that chin and then neck and just enough chest hair to make your fingers want to walk all over him. Hmmm…dreaming again!!!

  3. I was just looking at these pics the other day!! I love it!! I agree no man wears a shirt like him. Collar, no collar, v-neck, blue, black, white, grey, does not matter!! I think it helps that his neck is so sexy 😉

  4. It doesn’t matter which shirt this guy wears (even though I have certain favorite shirts and shirt colours :-)) – He always looks good in them and makes them look good, too. On this particular photo though, I always focus on those absolutely beautiful eyes and not so much on the shirt 🙂

  5. His face, hair, eyes, eyelashes, cleft chin, scruff, neck porn, chest hair, gray hair. That shirt. He is such a beautiful man. His picture should be next to the definition of SEXY any way you look it up! Sigh, plop and thud!

  6. I have to say that I love all the photos taken at this party….uhmmm…..he looks madly attractive with those dreamy light blue eyes, his tanned face, scruffy chin dimple, sharped long nose, peachy lips, bright chestnut hair with interesting gray hair, it looks so silky, long and strong neck, the enough chest hair to imagine the rest……Ahhhh! There’s no doubt that Alex is in the plenitude of his manliness. WHAT A MAN!!! ………if I forgot something please complete it…..I have to lay down, breath slowly, drink some water and change my panties :P…..TY KIM!

  7. His lethal hotness really should be licensed!! I can’t believe he’s allowed to go out and get his gorgeous face caught on camera 😃 !!

  8. His slate blue eyes and silver hair are so incredibly sexy! He may be too old for the part, but he is my Christian Grey! I read the books and thought of him just like this the whole time. Well, without the clothing. 😉 I could spend forever brushing my lips against his chiseled jaw, nibbling my way down his thick strong neck to that luscious patch of heaven on his chest. My fingers and tongue would be in a frenzy with all this goodness! One of my favorite photo events of him! Thinking about that thumb in the waistband. YUMMM!

    • Aja! Now I know where you learnt from……I haven’t read them but if you decide to write the 1000 shadows of Alex, please let me know and I”ll surely buy and read it…I’ve always thought you were so erotically poetic. :o)

  9. That face is a work of art! If I saw him in person, I would just melt. I do like the grey in his hair. But, I have to say the eyes are the best!

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