H50 Countdown to S4 – Danny Williams #ScottCaan #AlexOLoughlin

Pretend to ponder this question for at least a few seconds before you come up with the obvious answer.
Humor me! LOL!



16 thoughts on “H50 Countdown to S4 – Danny Williams #ScottCaan #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Don’t know if Danny will ever think of Hawaii as ‘paradise’. He’s a big city guy! There’s also the feeling that he doesn’t get a lot of luck in his personal life really. But stressed Danny makes great watching, Scott is so damned good at it!!

    • I love stressed danny because that means gorgeous mcg faces! And scott plays it so well, i love his neverending “b!tching” about this and that and of all in love his “you need help and i will pay” mood!!

  2. Danny will consider home wherever Gracie is, but he’ll never consider anywhere but NJ paradise!!

    Can’t wait to see them all again! I feel like my best friends have been missing FOR EVER!!

    SQUEEEEE!!!!! Is. It. Sept. 27th. Yet???

  3. That’s the problem with TV. Happily ever after is too boring every week. We need conflict in character’s lives to keep us going. The soap opera effect. Danny needs to be a little grumpy. That makes his interaction with Steve funny. That’s why I like Doris. She gives Steve that off balance setting for good storylines. We need 7 more seasons of H50 so what can they keep us interested in.

  4. Wherever Grace is Danny will be there….Hawaii is his home now.
    I agree too we need 7 and more seasons. I have never been invested in a series so much as this

  5. ..I’m sure he feels he’s in paradise every time he sees his little “monkey” smiling. ( And I feel I melt remembering my mon saying to me ” mi monita bonita”) and I hope Raquel prepares for him a special intime vistoria secret runaway, jejeje! …..but of course, we need Steve teases Danno and takes him fishing again, fly in helicopter, going camping…..and specially driving like a mad while he discusses those funny, crazy carguments……then, we’re gonna be in paradise too :o)

  6. I’m in NJ and it’s no paradise in the winter… Poor Danny… he loves it here b/c it was home, but HI is home now. Grace & his Ohana make it home 🙂 … I love Danny, he cracks me up because he’s every nice guy I know. He’s not ‘over the top’ he’s just … Jersey. Scott plays him really well.

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