H50 S3 Bloopers #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #GracePark #ScottCaan

I know most of you have probably already seen this but maybe you’d like a chance to discuss it with your friends here. What were your favorite parts??

My takeaways:

Dat ass

Dusty is a smart bitch

Alex can dance but please don’t sing

Alex swearing is hot, why did they bleep it?

They didn’t waste a lot of time on guest stars this yr…thank you

I want to dance with everyone, ok really just Alex (so sue me)

I want to play Ninja Twister with Alex and Justin (ok, just Alex…so sue me)

F*ck is their favorite word

Duke! I love Duke!!

Scott likes to get handsy with all the women 😉

DDK is naughty (who knew??) and funny!

Last but not least….dat ass.


24 thoughts on “H50 S3 Bloopers #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #GracePark #ScottCaan

  1. I have watched it on the Book em Danno Facebook page, but it cuts out.. I don’t get paid till Friday (and then its questionable if I can afford the DVD’s) *stomps feet* but I agree, DAT A$$ is beautiful, and I agree Dusty is a smart dog, and cute! 🙂 like her owner!
    P.S. Anyone know if it’s upload on YouTube yet, that doesn’t cut out as much for me!!

  2. Yep, I had seen this on various Facebook pages but I can never get enough of the bloopers and I’ll have to wait a while for my DVDs to arrive in Germany but they’re on the way….
    I always love to see the cast dancing on the gag reels and making all those funny faces – especially Alex, of course. And as a special bonus, he seems to be wearing blue almost throughout the gag reel – Ok, Ess, I’ll try not to mention this colour again on here 🙂 And Dusty is definitely a cute and smart girl – One fan friend of mine on Facebook absolutely loves Dusty and we both hoped she’d, at least, be on the gag reel this year – and we were made happy 🙂 Thanks for posting – it’s always the most fun to watch and comment on your page.

    • Of course he’s wearing blue through most of the gag reel!! it’s all he wears!! lol. ZZzzzzzz *snort* huh? what??

      I was hoping Dusty would be on there too! I have to admit if I ever got planted beneath dat @ss it would take someone physically removing me too. I’d put up a bigger fight than Dusty though. 😉 I love how well trained their dogs are. *cough*

  3. can some one explain to me the reason for bleeping on a dvd? it’s just….. i don’t know.

    and yes ess that ass, sweet mother of god it’s getting better every time. and any one else think alex was less serious this year? because soo many goofy faces and i think i heard an irish accent as well. *swoon*

    • The bleeping is to make it more family friendly maybe?

      He seemed more laid back and loose this year, which he wasn’t hurt and going through hell like he was in S2 so it was to be expected. Still, not as funny as the S1 gag reel to me. Mostly because of the scene where he lifts his shirt and poses with the gun while Scott pretends to take his pic. 🙂 Best. blooper. ever.

  4. Thank you! I have seen this but this a much higher quality version and THAT cast deserve it!
    I love of all of AOLs goofy faces to camera, Michelle trying to keep up with his flat sprint, him goofing off with Justin, DDK ‘that’s not my mic’ – genius! Absolute favourite moment has to be Dusty girl just laying down at her daddy’s feet! So cute!

  5. I cannot stop watching this again and again. DDK is a really funny guy. “Not my mic..” cracked me up.
    But ALEX!!! Seriously these faces! He is killing me. And his deep voooooooice…. tee hee hee.
    Yet the best part is his limerick. Is it a limerick? I’m having a hard time to understand anything, lol…
    He should be ashamed, being goofy, sexy, talented and of course titillating! And he can wear funny, dotted, hooped socks and being alpha male at the same time! And he got the moves like Jagger… Poor rest of the man’s world! 😆

  6. I’m just going to leave this page open and watch this any time I get a break today. I hadn’t seen it before and was hoping you’d put it up. Thanks! 😀 Favorite parts: All of it!!! Have to watch it more to narrow it down. Such a shame. 😉

    • oh yay!!! I’m glad i did too, then. I was thinking, meh…everyone has probably seen it but then thought maybe they’d like to talk about it. So if you haven’t seen it then double yay!

  7. Love this years gag reel! Love that we get a perfect view when Alex is wrestling the guy on the ground when Dot and Dusty run past! The faaces!!! The funny!!! I really could watch hours of tape like this.

    • IKR? Because remember in the promo pics for that episode, Scott is right behind him and is blocking the view and then during the episode, they showed it from a different angle so we never got it!! Now we do!!

  8. So glad you posted it, you make it all more fun because we gut to discuss… OK, I have to pick fave part? Other than everything? I love dogs, so seeing Dot & Dusty run by and Scott say “Both dogs!” amused and not upset, and the guy come and gently carry Dusty off set was great. I, too say why bleep? It’s a DVD. They sound like any group of people … at the ad agency where I work, we have a lot of fun and we also say F*** about 100 times a day. The designer even came up with “F***-balls” and we all use it when a job is driving us nuts.

    That they all seem to have fun, DDK being silly, Grace laughing at the guys’ antics.

    That said, I love the part where Michelle can’t keep up and just goes “reset … I can’t run that fast…” and Do I need to say ANYTHING with AOL? that’s a given…and the fact that he keeps in the American accent between takes sometimes.

    Hugs & xxx Mari

  9. It had really funny moments in it, but all in all I think it’s not as good as the season 1 or even season 2 gag reel.
    Loved the scenes with the dogs, and that Alex was soooo relaxed and laid back in it. Also really liked the ones with Scott not getting his text out and Alex waiting on him with ‘his’ face. Too good.

    But as I said, great scenes in it, but it’s not THAT good to me.

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