Super Sassy #AlexOLoughlin dishes sock game with @EW

Entertainment Weekly @EW

“We met up w/ Alex O’Loughlin to talk Hawaii 5-0 & how much we loved his socks #H50”

Oi, this man…


Thanks to @AlexOLoughlin Journal Facebook for the heads up!!


53 thoughts on “Super Sassy #AlexOLoughlin dishes sock game with @EW

  1. Oh man! This is the best pose ever! I love this guy! And I feel almost sorry for the Scott fans, they have nothing like this, and then heΒ΄s not even going to the SOTB. We, AOL fans, are very lucky indeed πŸ˜€

  2. “He’s got legs, and he know how to use them . . . ” a la ZZ Top.

    He has EVERYTHING and knows how to use it all. What a goof–did he really think no one would notice this one little moment in time? The pose seen ’round the world.

  3. I am so glad I opened this alone in the privacy of my home. 😯 HOLY FCKN SH*T! The thigh and the sunglasses have caused a major meltdown of the panties! I’d like to pull those socks off with my teeth and nibble my way up. πŸ˜›

  4. His suit is so form fitting that if,and I hope when, he gives us an unobstructed view of his front, the thighs will not be the only thing bulging out of those pants. 😯 #FREEtheFOY

    • …Yes Lurxgirl, we neeeeed an unobstructed view of his f..o..y…ront but also a view of his asscheeks wearing these pants….I guess we belong to the same union ;o)…..#FREEtheFOY!!!!!…..#FREEtheCULITO!!!
      BTW, nice socks….but I’m more impressed by his sharp, long shoe, πŸ˜›

  5. i’ve just seen this pic on twitter. I think he’s really trying to kill us panties and all.Makes me wonder what he’ll come up with next. Please Alex share it all. …

  6. This is by far one of the best weeks for AOL fans for sure and it’s only tuesday.

    That pose and face with the sunglasses are killing me. But i don’t mind, so Alex keep doing this because your fans love your goofy poses, sense of humor and of course your fit body. That suit looks so good on you.

  7. I opened this up and I just smiled…and then chuckled! He cracks me up and for some reason I thought of my husband. Guilt? Maybe. Probably more because it seems like something he would do, too, and as much as that suit is killin’ it and killing lots of ladies around the world for a brief moment, I can’t help but think he looks a little uncomfortable in the legs, just as my husband would be. I know I digress, but I just had to say it and say that I must be attracted to a “type” ( except my husband only has one small piece of ink and not the same abs these days), but in this picture I just think of my husband’s goofiness and Alex’s and think how well they would probably get along and how to me they have similarities and then as sad as it makes me to admit it, but it’s probably good that I have never met Alex, even though I would really like too;) Guilt? Nah!

  8. i keep coming back to see what you girls have to say(the funny) and scrolling up to see the pic again an again…I’m lost 4ever. Yes.

  9. I think I just regained consciousness after seeing this picture on twitter earlier. I know I did stuff, I just have no clue what it was.

  10. Wow what a picture. He looks like a mafia hit man and he’s certainly hit me. Spontaneous combustion!!! Panties have disintegrated…….So good it hurts!!! I want to go to Hawaii sooooooo bad. Just one glance in the flesh…….Oh my

  11. Does anyone know when EW will be publishing this “talk” they had with Alex? I have been watching their web site and nothing…….

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