16 thoughts on “H50 Countdown to S4 – Chin Ho Kelly #DanielDaeKim #GracePark #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Can’t wait to see them all back! I love the core four and wouldn’t like to see any of them replaced but I really enjoy every additional character.
    BTW I heard the name “Le├»lani” for the first time in H50 and I love it! If I had a baby girl now, I could choose it for her.
    Hope Chin will be happy again.

  2. I hope that despite Kono is far from him, Chin can have more happy moments. Personally, i new love. Professionally, i really hope that he works with Steve more often because i enjoy so much seeing both working together. They make a great team.

  3. Kono’ll be back. She has to come back. She’s part of the core4. I’d love to see Chin and Steve work together more often too. A new partner?! Well, we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t think it’ll be Cath – she’ll have her own stuff to deal with when she starts working w/her ex. Wow, talk about uncomfortable. 3 more day! I can’t wait. I just might pass out from excitement!!

  4. Chin deserves to be happy in his personal life. I was so pissed when they kill Malia. For the new season I wish for Chin to work more with Steve I love to see these 2 together they are my fav men of the show and hope that Leilani helps him to find a new love.

  5. Oh I love Chin! And as I said before I would love to see him together with Steve more often. Those two have an understanding without words. Plus, Chin has a past with Steve’s family.
    I am ok with his new love interest, I want him happy and Leilani seems to be really sweet. Everybody mourns in a different way, there is no “right” way or pace. And if Leilani is the right one to “heal” him, than it’s ok for me. Doesn’t mean that he will love her immediately like he loved Malia. It’s just his “way” of trying a new beginning.
    I don’t remember Leilani’s job. So I can’t say if she could help 50 sometimes…

    • Agreed about the healing. I know there was talk that it was too soon for Chin. I think as women we put our emotional feelings onto men and they have totally different emotional structures than we do. There are men that would never marry again, but there are also men that really crave that companionship and would never heal without the company of a trusted and loved woman at his side. Doesn’t mean he loved the first one any less, they just grieve differently.

      • Totally agreed!!…firstable, from the medical point of view, a “normal” mourning process lasts about a year and then the person who has lost a loved one has to move on and continue living … so a season is finished, a year already past away, and I hope Chin can move on and love again….yeah! I’m a dreamer….
        And second, I’m so glad you also think there are differences between women and men emotionally speaking, because these differences complete each other…..

  6. I love Chin character, he is a strong guy but also expresses his feelings when he needs to and he still misses Malia, he’s still devoted to his love for her….I think he is still mourning her death but I hope his heart can open again and find in Leilani a life partner. Unlike Steve, I think Chin is the kind of “get married” DDK is not my type but I like him, he has a very, very sweet smile…..don’t get jealous Steve, I’m only yours….sure….if he could read this…….Lol!

  7. They’re filming episode 7 right now, I think and I’ve seen no bts pics to indicate Cath has joined the team full time or as Chin’s partner. She’s supposed to be working with Hampster boy so I’m not sure how she’ll do both. IF she ends up helping on a case, and why shouldn’t she, it’s not like she’d be sticking around…once Kono comes back then they would be an odd number of people, unless she did intel back at HQ and quite honestly, that would make perfect sense, something like what Jenna Kaye did. We’ll have to see what happens, but the story right now is that she’s going to work with HB. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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