Thanks to @BrookeAnderson from ET for this pic of her and #AlexOLoughlin

As soon as we find out when this piece will air on Entertainment Tonight (USA), we’ll post a comment and let you know so make sure you subscribe to this page for updates.

“Yes he’s as cute in person ladies! Alex O’Loughlin aka McGarrett talking #H50 season 4!”

092213 brooke anderson ET Twitpic


18 thoughts on “Thanks to @BrookeAnderson from ET for this pic of her and #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Ohhh I’m first, I’m first… and I hate this poor girl, lol. J/K Great photo! ESS that shirt’s not blue! Hugs Mari 4 more days!!!

  2. My nightmare come true again! Why canΒ΄t these pics ever be technically perfect! The light hits them sort of wrong, Alex looks like his eyes are crossed. Oops. No I mean, he really looks good, but he could have looked better still πŸ˜€

  3. OMG, the latest pics! Ok, this one isn’t the best in workmanship, but he looks goooooood!!! And is he wearing black? Black button down? One more button please, only one! Chest hair! Did I mention I LOVE him in black?

  4. True the pic isn’t the best but who cares….definitely Alex is cute and handsome. Love the black shirt…starting to warm up in here……

  5. Alex is looking so fine! He looks rested and happy. Can’t wait for S4, but these pictures are helping me get through the week!

  6. Looking forward to sotb. Nice to have new presenters. Watched Billy V on HNN’s early morning show last week and I liked him

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