Peter Lenkov Shares Editing pics again– McGarrett in Uniform!

Peter shared 2 editing pics labeled 4.05 on twitter earlier today. McGarrett looks mighty fine in those Choker Whites!

 alex_chokerwhites_405       alex_joewhite_405


26 thoughts on “Peter Lenkov Shares Editing pics again– McGarrett in Uniform!

  1. OMG! He looks so great! *yummy*

    And I’d say buttercup is right. It looks like a funeral… Or maybe the anniversary of the death if someone important? Anniversary of Attack on Pearl Harbor? And Cath in black… We know she isn’t in the Navy anymore, so why is she there? Just a weird idea: What do we know about Cath’s father, except that he showed Steve pictures of Cath as a child or teen in a tutu on rollerblades (3.18)?

    • Because she’ll quit the navy (probably in 4.02) and join the security company (was it security?) of her ex Billy.

      Oh, and I forgot: they swapped episodes, 4.05 will air as 4.04. Producers and writers unfortunately are in the habit to use the “old” numbers, i.e. the production numbers. So PL is actually editing the 4th episode.

      • Could be some kind of Memorial day for Pearl Harbor, it does look like they’re on a ship! And the ep would be around November/December so the time could be close! I mean, they had to find a way to put Steve in White, could be a honor to his Grand-dad ! (pls, notice that I’m not a native American, so whatwouldIknow 😉 ) Just having fun thinking things over, it’s not that I would have housework to do 😉 !!!

      • I actually think this really *is* episode 4.05 (production 4.04) – due to pictures tweeted by director @Huntvision back in August when it was filmed

  2. Joe showed up in uniform at Freddy’s funeral, and he was ‘let’ go from the Navy, so why can’t Cath wear it after she left? I think that is a good question why she isn’t in uniform at an obviously official event? Maybe because she didn’t want to? 🙂
    LOVE Steve in uniform, any uniform, but this one really takes the cake.

  3. A funeral? Joe White with a beard aka hair on his face compensating for the lack of hair on his head? Hm, mixed feelings about these. Steve? Very happy feelings about this one indeed 😀 ! And thanks for sharing!

  4. Will there be any kind of official ‘memorial’ day in the US or ‘just’ the Navy or Hawaii that would fit the timeframe of the airing of the ep? If not than it is most likely a funeral. Why that is held on the Missouri though is kind of strange. But there are sailors in the background firing a salute. So, either an official big event, or a funeral.
    Must be a high ranking person to get this kind of treatment.

    • No, this wouldn’t be airing near any significant days (mid-October) – so I would think that it is a funeral or… other rememberabce of sorts.

      Jeffrey Hunt (@Huntvision) directed this episode and I remember him saying that they filmed on an active warship (August 12th) – so I don’t think it is the Missouri

  5. Noticed Steve is wearing gloves & the rest are not. If it’s a funeral, is he a pall bearer? I’ll ask my Not McG when I can (we skype tomorrow – he’s stationed in Okinawa). I’ve been to enough military events that I should know, but I don’t. Dad is ret. Army but a non-com. hugs!

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