H50 Countdown to S4 – Kono Kalakaua #GracePark #IanAnthonyDale #AlexOLoughlin


13 thoughts on “H50 Countdown to S4 – Kono Kalakaua #GracePark #IanAnthonyDale #AlexOLoughlin

  1. She better comes back soon – A lot of the fans (including me) would miss her a lot. As a matter of fact she will be in ep. 4.01, for sure, because they shot some scenes with Grace and Ian for that episode right after wrapping season 3 in April.
    Let’s also keep in mind that she gave her promise to Steve that she won’t be gone forever – She couldn’t possibly break a promise to Steve, right?! 🙂

  2. Another beautiful collage, ESS! You’re making the wait for S4 very pleasant for us 😀 . I vote whimsical too, people in love are always whimsical, right? But I do hope to see Kono back, sooner or later.

  3. Whimsical! By the Grace’s rumors about pregnancy, is the way writers had to keep Kono away off the island for a while. I’m sure she will came back because besides being a police officer is her “family business”, she loves the 3 boys.

  4. Can’t wait till she comes back, show’s off the emotional side of the “three boys” and it’s nice to have her around!

  5. H50 can’t exist without Kono….she’ll be back hopefully keeping fingers, toes and anything else crossed. She made a promise to Steve!!

  6. Ever since she hooked up with Adam, she’s kept things from the team, she’s lied to them and went off and did her own thing without telling anyone. All the things they yell at Steve for doing but here’s the difference…he’s the boss and she’s not. When they finish up this stupid story line, I’ll care more about Kono. I’m just not feeling this one at all, though it was a good way I guess to explain her absence for awhile.

  7. …….as all of you, I don’t aprove Kono’s behavior……but I’m very happy for her and that she will have a baby in RL……let’s hope that the character will have a better and logical development when she come back…………

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