Alex is in LA apparently doing press today. YAY! #AlexOLoughlin

Mahalo to @JennyCooney, australian reporter who tweeted this pic of Alex in LA.  She did a write up on him last year. Can’t wait to read what he had to say this year.

#alexoloughlin n LA talking about new season of #H50 and a shock coming in first ep”

Too bad the quality is pretty crappy. I hate indoor lighting…and bad cameras. 😉  But thankful nonetheless…

092213 Jenny Cooney


23 thoughts on “Alex is in LA apparently doing press today. YAY! #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I don´t get these press thingies. Why is it that the media there has so crappy cameras? Shouldn´t they have the best equipment available, of all the people! We´ll probably see the proper pics in November then 😉
    Can´t remember if we got any good ones from these promos last year?

  2. I am just excited to know he’s doing the press thing. At last! I hope there’s lots of video and lots of (better) pics!
    When does that promised CBS video air?

    • Silver? Hm, maybe only the light… But definitely scruff and open black shirt and gorgeous smile! 🙂

      Translation work, here I come! 🙂 (Hopefully written interviews, not on video. Videos are hard to translate…)

  3. Good to see Alex out and about. He is the one who needs and can sell this show. Don’t need bad pics as we know he is handsome

  4. SO HAPPY one of the cast is finally doing press,and that its him!! He even looks good through the crappy camera shot, can’t keep his light from shining 🙂

  5. This proves he is the most photogenic man despite the worst cameras used…..sigh! ..well, it’s better this pic than anything and it’s good to know that he’s doing press work …

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