H50 S4 Countdown – Dr. Max Bergman #MasiOka #RumerWillis

Max, dear, sweet, Max. He’s not your average guy…but isn’t that what we love about him? He may take the scenic bypass at times, but he still gets to where he wants to go.

His timetable, his adventure.  Our fun.



12 thoughts on “H50 S4 Countdown – Dr. Max Bergman #MasiOka #RumerWillis

  1. I really like Masi.in this case Max, he is so sweet and funny. That ep with Sabrina was so sweet and she is coming back.

  2. I think we will watch more Max’s personal life, a man in love, besides his work dedication and the taste for halloween parties. I know that are some fans that don’t like the way that Danny speaks to Max, but Max always have the right answer without losing his humor and posture. I really like it. And he loves, admires and deeply respect all team and they accept his awkwardness the same way.

  3. I like Masi in this show, he is great. Love how he puts Danny sometimes in his place sometimes. He is good support character!

  4. I like Max and I hope he and Sabrina can have more romantic moments outside the hospital :o)
    Danno may try to tease Max but he’s a nerd, he always knows the right answer, lol !!! and I like to see how at the end he teases Danno!!!

  5. I like Max a lot – he’s so funny! And he’s super-cute in the scenes with Sabrina – Hopefully these two get happy together. I hope everyone has seen the pictures Masi tweeted of himself and Rumer in their Halloween costumes?!
    And Max will always have a special place in my fan heart because he’s the one who saved our Steve’s life in ep. 2.01 by “patching him up” after his escape 🙂

  6. Max, so sweet and funny! I don’t know why, but his monolog about cave exploration comes into my mind right now. 🙂 I also like him in more serious episodes like the one where we had a view into his past.

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