12 thoughts on “H50 S4 Countdown – Dr. Max Bergman #MasiOka #RumerWillis

  1. I really like Masi.in this case Max, he is so sweet and funny. That ep with Sabrina was so sweet and she is coming back.

  2. I think we will watch more Max’s personal life, a man in love, besides his work dedication and the taste for halloween parties. I know that are some fans that don’t like the way that Danny speaks to Max, but Max always have the right answer without losing his humor and posture. I really like it. And he loves, admires and deeply respect all team and they accept his awkwardness the same way.

  3. I like Masi in this show, he is great. Love how he puts Danny sometimes in his place sometimes. He is good support character!

  4. I like Max and I hope he and Sabrina can have more romantic moments outside the hospital :o)
    Danno may try to tease Max but he’s a nerd, he always knows the right answer, lol !!! and I like to see how at the end he teases Danno!!!

  5. I like Max a lot – he’s so funny! And he’s super-cute in the scenes with Sabrina – Hopefully these two get happy together. I hope everyone has seen the pictures Masi tweeted of himself and Rumer in their Halloween costumes?!
    And Max will always have a special place in my fan heart because he’s the one who saved our Steve’s life in ep. 2.01 by “patching him up” after his escape 🙂

  6. Max, so sweet and funny! I don’t know why, but his monolog about cave exploration comes into my mind right now. 🙂 I also like him in more serious episodes like the one where we had a view into his past.

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