#AlexOLoughlin at City of Eyes in LA 9/22/13

Alex seen today at City of Eyes” in LA.

Pic credit @cityofeyes

092213 cityofeyes

Mahalo to H50 Undercover for the find and @heyd50 for the heads up.

**updates with larger version of pic thanks to @miracle directly from City of Eyes  ❤ ❤ ❤


32 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin at City of Eyes in LA 9/22/13

  1. WOW… Nice Jeans!!! *fans self* Okay, okay, breathe in, breathe out.. Breathe in, Breathe out!!

    Okay, sorry, nice picture 🙂 Thanks for posting!! 🙂

    • ONTLLS.. as I rolled down the picture I said the exact thing “Ohh, nice jeans” keep going down and there is your comment. made me smile:) omg rolled back up and studied them a little longer, man I want some of that

  2. I love the way Alex looks when he is in LA! Love the jeans, love the t-shirt, love the hair. He looks good. Best I’ve seen all year 🙂 :)))) ♡

      • you would think that, but they said it was pre recorded so I’m thinking maybe from when he did Ellen. but who cares why he’s here, I also think he looks great when he’s in the states…which he was in mine!

  3. Love his hair, hope he keeps it that way the whole season……and love .his hips in tight jeans….does anybody know if Alex went to the Emmy’s? …I guess he will do promotion for the new season this week in LA…..I can’t believe…….just 4 days more!!!!!!!!

  4. DAYUM…he’s fine!! He looks so friggen sexy in those jeans…I do wish for a rear view of them though. I’m selfish that way! 😀

  5. Wow! He looks great! In LA to do the pre-taping for The Talk Show? So excited to see Season 4 start and doing promo! Wish it was more promo!

  6. Would you like more sex on legs in jeans? Found a larger (the original?) version of this pic on FB City of Eyes by Alexander Daas: http://i73.servimg.com/u/f73/17/28/77/77/22_09_10.jpg The text along with it: “Alex just had the pleasure of styling Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin at our Larchmont Village location in LA!”

    I understand that Instagram only accepst 612×612 pixel, but to cut his legs???? 😯 😉

    And look at his arm, hand… *THUD*

    • Awesome detective work, Sweetie! If they are looking for a new girlie 5-0 during Kono’s absence, I’m nominating you. 🙂

      • 🙂

        No, it’s just my obsession to find the original and maybe a better source, i.e. larger pictures if possible – and the need to keep credits as short as possible because of my picture editing program where I store the files. I can’t save them if the text behind the file names is too long (I always save the text, if there is any, that’s posted with the pictures, like the above from City of Eyes. Crazy, I know, but I like to know the where and why, even months or years later). – Sorry for this long off-topic rant. 😉

        Did I mention his huge arm, and this huge hand? 🙂

  7. Wow! He looks so good in this pic. And i prefer Miracle’s pic version than Undercover’s. Thank you so much. Now i have to clean my drool.

  8. He is looking so great in this pic! I like his hair super short, but I love it a little longer this way!! He just looks happy and comfortable:) I do think it’s kind of interesting that even though he has relocated to Hawaii that he still obviously has things in LA that he wants/needs. He seems pretty settled and comfortable in Hawaii, but I know he’s pretty stylish. So I wonder if it just takes longer to get the styles and trends in Hawaii or if he still has his attachments in LA that he just likes better? Just wondering. Regardless, looks great! Thanks for the pic and looking forward to it all this week! Does anyone know if SOTB will be streamed live online?

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