H50 S4 Countdown – In 6 Days Catherine Rollins future begins #MichelleBorth #AlexOLoughlin


31 thoughts on “H50 S4 Countdown – In 6 Days Catherine Rollins future begins #MichelleBorth #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I swear if she’s going to cheat on McG she not only breaks HIS heart but mine too!
    Those 2 have to stay faithful to each other, I mean Steve did too, and there were loads of pretty women around him!

  2. I sure hope the future will bring happiness for these two – I love seeing Steve and Cath together. Knowing the writers, I’m sure there will be some trouble ahead for them but I think this “temporary” trouble (involving this other guy whose name I intentionally forgot :-)) will only make them realize how much they actually love each other. Of course, I could be wrong but hopefully not.

  3. Steve and Cath will be fine. He might regret that he told her to take that job, but not because of what most people think. I highly doubt Cath would fall for any guy whose name is not Steve McGarrett.
    I’m really looking forward to see more of her in S4, and hopefully more of Steve and Cath actually being together. A glimpse of their life together here and there wouldn’t hurt. A morning in bed, a shower together to preserve water, going skinny dipping… okay, going too far here, that is never gonna happen. LOL

    • ACA!!

      I think if they have Cath fall for Hampster boy again then they’ve gone against character for her. She’s had steve’s back since day 1 and they’ve been loyal to each other unconditionally. Maybe a little shortsighted on Steve’s part but they’ve been loyal.

    • MostlyFive0, I see you are an ecologic person…..thumbs up for you.!!!!!.I was so seriously focused reading your comment until I read ” a shower together…. to preserve water” that I just LOL!!!!! …..Hope hamster boy find his own little mouse girl and leave “ours 2” in peace……

    • “He might regret that he told her to take that job, but not because of what most people think.”

      Yes, that’s what I thought when I read the spoiler the first time. I’m almost sure Steve’s regret has something to do with Cath’s work for Billy – his name is Billy! 😉 – and Peter’s hint that Steve’s not the jealous type… Everyone now is thinking just what he said when it comes to Steve regretting that he urged her to work for Billy. 😉

      Fingers crossed I’m right with my theory…

        • That will end like Bullfrog! – but hopefully without hurting Cath! (better be rescuing her, Steve rescuing Cath is always good 😉 )!!!

          • Oh that rescue better happen quick, or I won’t be able to handle it. I saw the part about Cath and Kidnapped 😯 I have been pacing like crazy.
            Watching Episode 3:14 and Steve runs into the governors office, “They are following my Team” remember what happened to Frier when he messed with his team.
            Imagine what happens to “Hamster boy” when messing with his team, his family, his girl!! (even thought Steve has not admitted that Cath is his girlfriend” but we all know it!!”)
            Don’t mess with his family!! His Ohana!!

            P.S. I have seen on preview and that is the one with the new guy coming in cuz that was on T.V. all the other I haven’t, I can’t. I am having a hard enough time waiting for NCIS and NCIS-LA premiers. Friday is gonna be a very loooooooooonng day for me! 😯

  4. I don’t want to see anything happen to them but I’m sure they’ll be in for a bit of a rocky ride! True love will prevail!! Hamster boy doesn’t stand a chance against, gorgeous, debonair, suave McGarrett!!

  5. All I have to say is why would anyone want Bologna (Billy) when they can have Steak (Steve). Hamster Boy just needs to run, run away, now!! . PL put hamster boy in white uniform, we’ve been asking for McGarrett in white uniform and it’s taken 4 years and the first time we see Hamster Boy he is in white, not good, not good at all.

    • Morning all, only a few minutes so let me answer the Hampster Boy question. After the finale aired i was talking w kjm and some others about that scene and i called him HB because as i said to them, “i know his last name starts with an H but i dont care enough about him to go look. Hampster Boy is already dead to me.” Or some overly dramatic thing like that. Ha!

      Ok i’ll be back later today to catch up on all your convo. Some chatty people!! *love it*


  6. As a Steve’s fan i would love to watching him be happy with Cath. With all hard events and losses in his life, it would much enjoyable for the plot. They are perfect to each other. But Mr. Lenkov and writers team gave us a character at the last episode that we guess will shake a little the romance that we all (McRoll fans) are anxious to watch. PL doesn’t like very much to see the characters happy because happy is boring for the storyline. Ok, but we had episode 3.18 when Steve recognizes that he needs and wants Cath in his life. Then we will have on season 4 premiere Steve will rescue Cath and i can’t forget the way Steve tells Danny that he won’t loose Cath like his dad. That statement still is in my mind. So when Steve finally openly show his feelings, he will have to deal with some jerk on his path. If i didn’t like Billy in May, i think that i will hate him so much right now. That the roller coaster begins, fasten your seatbelts because as usually we will have a trouble ride ahead. I really hope that we will enjoy and have fun. McRoll forever!

  7. I don’t think that Cath will get involved with Hamster Boy again… but he may try to cause trouble between her and Steve. Hamster Boy seems like he hasn’t gotten over her. Like my late Granny use to say, “There’s a wood shed out back and I know what to do in it!!”

    • Hamster boy has an ulterior motive. i just know it!! whether it’s to steal Catherine away or if it’s to use Catherine to get at something bigger, I don’t know but either way, he’s smelling like a day old fish to me. *gives him the side eye*

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