H50 S4 Countdown: Capt. Grover, Five-0 friend or foe? #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride


29 thoughts on “H50 S4 Countdown: Capt. Grover, Five-0 friend or foe? #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

  1. Capt Grover’s got “the ultimate kevlar” but McG’s got the “blood” (and I wonder who’s?)
    Can’t wait, either!!

  2. Oh I’m so looking forward to S4. The only trouble is we probably won’t get it till the New Year in the UK. I really wish I lived in the US right now. Sigh!!!!

  3. I can’t wait either! It’s no secret that I’m a HUUUUUUGE Chi McBride fan and so far I can tell the way they’ve written him is my favorite way to see him. Strong, snarky and a bit unhinged. 🙂

    He’s going to be great with Alex whether they butt heads or if they become fast friends, tho I personally hope for a relationship built on respect like he built with Fryer.

    • “hope for a relationship built on respect like he built with Fryer”

      Yes, would be great to see them together this way. Missed this kind of relationship in S3.

      • Agreed, McG needs someone strong to bounce off that’s not on the team. Someone he can go to man to man that he doesn’t boss so they can butt heads when necessary and support each other when necessary. I guess that’s what he gets from the team too but I like to see it outside the team as well. Like the character that Duke has become. He’ll still lay down the law to McG but at the end of the day it’s all respect, like we saw in the prison break episode.

    • Because of your enthusiasm about Chi get in Hawaii Five-0, i’m looking forward to watch Grover and McGarrett working together. That countdown starts at H50BAMF!

  4. As Cath says … Steve isn’t good with first impressions, lol. I’m sure it will start out butting heads and move on to respectfully butting heads! Lol.

  5. I think foe at first then eventually friend – like he was with Fryer. I didn’t like Fryer but in retrospect Steve and he worked well together.Their dynamics were awesome – 2 strong, head-strong, alpha males, at first circling each other then eventually working together. Missed that in s3. I love Chi and am hoping for great things between him and Steve – at least a recurring role to keep the tension going cause we know they’re going to butt heads and egos!

    Is. It. Sept. 27th. YET????

  6. Captain Grover may start out as foe but as we have seen in the past our boy McG will make a stand, punch him out or just plain win him over. If nothing else he will respect him in the end. I can’t think of a time I have so looked forward to two people butting heads as I am these two.

  7. OH! Forgot to mention for any of you that care, Peter confirmed on twitter that Chi would be there for SOTB! I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about working on the show and seeing him involved with the cast on a personal level.

  8. I think they’ll be butting heads for a while. Not knowing Grover’s background(military or not), he seems to be the type of guy that doesn’t like anyone saying no to him or not following his orders. Having two very head strong and passionate men in charge of very different but important units, is going to the Governor lots of sleepless nights.

  9. It’s going to be interesting between Steve and Grover. I think they both want the same result but will go about it in different ways.
    For us girls in the UK I streamline it from a site called PROJECT FREE TV. It has worked for me as I’ve watched the latter part of s2 and all of s3 this way. Please try it.

  10. Wow! These two are gigants!!! I need to get used to see another guy even a little bit taller than Steve. I can’t imagine how intense it’s gonna be next week….in two days we had a lot, TY H50bamf girls! ……this is my first season premiere that I will share with all of you and I guess I ‘ve never been so excited for a TV show premiere before :o) …..today is the last episode…when Cath met Billy again….I don’t like when she turned around and looked at him….the team is separated….Steve and Doris “to be continued”…..oh! My, I LOVE H50!!!

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