Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOLoughlin

Ah, Kevin. Perfect hair, perfect scruff and has a favorite chair.

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      • I’m so glad to read that someone hated The Shield – I didn’t like it at all! Of course, Alex looked good as Kevin but that was the only good thing about this show – well, and that chair scene. Can’t wait for your gifs of Kevin πŸ˜‰

  1. Why do we always comment on the chair while talking about Kevin? πŸ˜‰ Great pic for a fab face friday, ESS. Love it! ❀ We should focus on Kevin more often. Alex looks gorgeous in this show. *sigh*

    • I am in the middle of screencapping and gif’ing his scenes in The Shield so expect more of Kevin to pop up. πŸ™‚ I had hoped to finish before s4 h50 started but oh well… πŸ˜‰ I’m excited for the start but where the hell did summer go?? haha!!

  2. I’ve never seen this pic before! I like it! Kevin was awesome. They shoulda done a spin off with him as the star. πŸ™‚

      • Cannot tell you how delighted to hear that! Not enuf caps of him from that show and I know the wiggly tv makes it extra hard to cap, so God bless you, babe! He was the ONLY screen-cappable thing IN that show. Shield caps should just be all Alex all the time… He stood out like a petunia in an onion patch. πŸ˜‰

  3. Ah yes, the chair. Possibly the ONLY character on THE SHIELD that has redeeming qualities. That chair was the moral compass of the show.

    Hiiii Kevin! Please, sit down…… in the Chair. Nekkid.

  4. Tha chair and kevin were the only 2 objects i liked about that show! Everything else was just not what i wanted to see and know about LA, so much brutality and sorrow! Although the chair was dirty too πŸ˜€, but it scores a few points! Havent seen all of the show only bits! But kevin shined and sparkled, ’cause he had great looks!

  5. I love how relaxed he his and just love his hair (hope the grow it again for H50 with the gray too!). The Shield was way to brutal for my liking.

    • The chair was the last episode Alex was in, I think. I want to say it was episode 11 or 12.

      The show was too brutal, (I like my cop shows with a side of humor, please…even if it means rolling my eyes on occasion) and all the characters were awful people. Like Kim said, the chair was the only thing in the show that had any redeeming qualities. I have to at least have some kind of *like* or have someone to pull for in a show for me to enjoy it and i didn’t find anyone in The Shield.

    • Season 6, episode 10.

      Reminds me of when I brought home the DVD for this season. ….

      NotMcG finds the DVD in the cabinet… says to me “Why did you buy “The Shield”?”
      ME, (totally backpedaling, trying not to get busted) : “Oh, I heard it was a really good show, I thought I’d check it out”
      NotMcG: ” And you are starting with Season 6?”


      • ^^^LMFAO!
        BTW, I love his nekkidness on the chair, but the sex almost looked painful. Some people like that I suppose. πŸ˜› I was just thinking, I hope he had sufficient padding on the FOY or he may have broken something. The grunt he makes at about 12 seconds in, is toe curling. UNF!! The show was too brutal for me, but I struggled through all the Kevin episodes to see him in the jeans and scruff. He has come along way as Steve!

        • For me, it was the wandering right hand…… *spritzes self down*

          And yes, by the fourth episode I watched, I white-knuckled it to then finish because all of these characters were so unlikeable!!!! Which, was the point – and they all did a great job, but… I wanted them to all get caught and thrown in jail.

      • I just read this,Kimphin…thanks for the laugh! you cracked me up. Poor dears, they are delightfully clueless, God love ’em! Here’s one for you…
        Not McG: You’re addicted to this show now, like JAG?
        Me: Yeah, why? I like the McGarrett character (note I said LIKE, i was being diplomatic, I get points, for that, right?)
        NMG: You have a crush the dude one with the tats! You don’t even like tattoos, hon. (laughs)
        Me: Maybe I just like the uniform.. (NMG is a Navy Lt.)… He laughs harder.

        Clearly, not about the tattoos, which are just part of that AMAZING package… but… are all the McG’s the same?
        (PS mine’s in Okinawa so we skype a lot, I can’t actually say “Don’t call Fri during Five-0)

        • Glad to entertain! Darn it, those NotMcG’ s are too smart for our own good!

          Another one:

          NotMcG is very ANTI social media. No FB, definitely no Twitter. So… one night, he comes home as I am typing away on the laptop..
          he starts ribbing me ” are you *Blogging*”
          Me: “pfft… No!” (I’m totally blogging) “plus, you don’t even know what a blog is”
          NotMcG: “no, but I bet you do”

          BUSTED AGAIN !

        • You also want to know the seconds? About 38.27 we start hearing and 38.32 we start viewing.

          I’m sorry Kim, i just do this for fun. I hope you laugh again with my comment.

  6. ….Kevin….I have to confess that I haven’t seen all the episodes….where Alex worked, of course, but reading you all, I will look for all of them and watch them, specially S6 epi 10 in a very confortable chair……and I will prepare myself psicologically because if Lurxgirl said ” that the sex looked almost painfull” and ESS didn’t like it…..uhmmm… I hesitate….. ok, I’m gonna see it just in name of my fangirling and love for Alex….and because Kevin looks so naughty hot!!

      • TY buttercup!!! I take your advice….his face, focused on his face….his face……..omg! You have writen so much about the blessed chair! That I hope I can only see his foy…I mean! His face….his face….

    • OMG that scene is awful, her moans, but just seeing Alex doing this (the scene πŸ˜‰ ) makes it awfully hot!
      McRoll is much better (okay – the comparison isn’t really fair !!)

  7. I didn’t watch all of The Shield but have bought the dvd where Alex joined and have only watched them. It was hard going. Prefer him as McG in the acting and love his current look

  8. I think the hardest thing about the chair scene was Kevin–he did not look happy at all, even before the other dude looked in the window on them. He made it look like too much work. πŸ™‚

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