xzibit shares cool bts photo with #AlexOLoughlin #JoeDante

“Alex my friend you are a class act, thanks for being so inviting and the cuban cigars! The director (in the middle) actually directed “Gremlins” I thought that was cool as hell to meet him and work with him. Great times on #H50.’

Link: http://web.stagram.com/p/548536184746505309_28544316

Who doesn’t love Alex?  Nice to hear one more person talk about the quality of man he is.

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14 thoughts on “xzibit shares cool bts photo with #AlexOLoughlin #JoeDante

  1. And yet again someone says how nice he is! I know the fans (that I know) say the same thing! He is a sweetheart and I think this attribute of his will take him far!

  2. Class act, nice person, kind heart, beautiful soul. Yes, it’s good to know that so many people appreciate Alex’s personality.

  3. Isn’t this the reason why we all love Alex?! – Because he’s not only a great actor but a super-nice, caring, grounded person, too. I definitely wouldn’t care about him at all if he was “only” a good actor but an unfriendly, unlikeable snob, too.

  4. I’m with you all, he’s a fine man, dedicated to his work, charity friends, fans – that’s why we all adore him!
    … and because of those TIGHT FITTED PANTS HE’S WEARING IN THIS PIC! Have you seen THOSE TIGHT PANTS, I’m dead – look at those thighs in those TIGHT pants!
    (OMG from now on I’m even more confused with *tight* *thighs* *tights* because I’ll always imgine those pants!!!)
    Mental note: tight = eng, thighs = Oberschenkel!

    • Hopefully, you commented the tight pants! Thanks. Alex’s arm upon ALL the other shoulders and the tiny director beetween
      two big guys were scooters to me…!
      there is porn from head to toe ! Some more hair, neck, tight V-shirt and tight pants, tight vest, black gloves and ARMS and Forearms…and…tight thigh holster!! Squee!!
      Season 4 is already great in my opinion!! Can’t wait…

  5. Those pants are stretching across the FOY!! Oh, my. Sorry, I got distracted. What I wanted to say was that Alex is the real deal. He’s not just a good actor but also a good person.

  6. OMG! What a way to start my day. Not only does Alex look as hot as hell but yet another person sings his praises for being a genuinely nice guy. Being hot and sexy is great but we girls also like to know he is a good man too. He seems to draw everyone he meets in. It’s what makes him so damned lovable.

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