Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark

From a Season 1 press event.  Alex doing what he does best, telling a story. 🙂


Pic credit to The Honolulu Pulse


13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark

  1. I would like to know what story he told to them because by their faces and his expression and pose it was a good one. He was born to tell stories, to recreate them in films, TV but i would love to see him in a theatre play, on stage. He would provide us a great performance for sure!

  2. I adored the pics from this event, as well as the description of how well he was received by the audience… they were local actors, right?

  3. I can imagine Alex telling stories in different circunstances…..telling stories at night to sleep baby Lion…..telling a story in a monologue of a theater play….telling and writing a movie story…I guess his acting experience will lead him to be a writer or director…..anyway, any story would be wonderfull told by Alex <3!!! .
    Here, he was a manguito verde….sigh!

  4. Just been catching up on all the pics. Some great and cute ones. I have been in Hawaii and have been back a few hours and yes I did see Alex on Tuesday round about 4:30pm. It looks as though he had finished early for the day. He was taking Dusty for a walk and he was not wearing a shirt and only shorts. Didn’t get too close

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