It’s raining H50 bts pics! #alexOLoughlin

From alexashbaugh on his Instagram acct.

“On set of Hawaii Five-0 with Alex O’Loughlin #H50”


Thanks to AOL Intensive Study or this edited, less cheetoey copy of the pic!


24 thoughts on “It’s raining H50 bts pics! #alexOLoughlin

  1. Why arenΒ΄t you noticing the bigger issue? The make-up department still has buckets left of that orange goo! And they are now generously lathering it over everyone! All over!
    Ps. that guyΒ΄s hand looks pathetic in comparison to AlexΒ΄s massive paw πŸ˜€

  2. So this season we will have open collar shirts more often, i approve! This pic is hand p0rn for sure. How many shakas he does in a day?

  3. He looks great, is his body shape coming closer to season 1 again? I’ve rewatched somethings in the middle of s3 and
    HE IS HUGE ! And now his upper body and abs looks slimmer or trimmer πŸ˜‰ whatever, he looks good to me!

    • I agree. For awhile he looked much thicker, for the lack of a better word. Not fat, but I think his body just went the reverse of what he slimmed down to previously and later season 3 to now he has slimmed down. I think he has just tapered and become more fit. Regardless, it is working and he looks great! I’m sure his workout routine is one thing that keeps him going and staying energized. With his work schedule and personal life I’m sure he’s pooped, so it must keep him going. I need to follow suit. Motivation! I need to get it before winter comes and stays. It’s a long winter in Minnesota. Thank goodness for the show! That and following him here can help keep more warm, right?! Looking forward to seeing him on The Talk and seeing him answer some of those questions from that online q&a!

  4. finger twitch.

    i’m thinking in theory, that bulked up in muscle to protect his shoulder, while he was recuperating. that’s my theory. i also gladly massage his shoulders any time.

    anyway, pinky finger, i see pinky finger *swoon* good lord help me.

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