AlexOLoughlin to appear on The Talk 9/27

The Talk has confirmed that they will show a pre-recorded interview with Alex on 9/27.

Yay! I’m off that day sending out SOTB goodies to y’all! It’s going to be “Death by Alex Friday.” Oh what a way to go…


21 thoughts on “AlexOLoughlin to appear on The Talk 9/27

  1. Wonder when it’s being taped. I sure hope he is at SOTB because I don’t want to stay up until 3:30am if he’s not, lol. Last year they had already done interviews with HNN and nothing this year. I wonder if HNN is even going to do the red carpet again. No one is talking, the only ones we know for sure that are going to be there are the Jonas Bros., Mark D. and Peter. It would be nice to know what stars are expected, pretty sure Grace won’t be there but who knows. I am pretty sure Alex will be because he has stated in the past how much he respects and wants to give back to the people of HI but it would be nice if CBS did give us the list πŸ™‚

    • Don’t worry Wanda I am more than sure Alex will be at the SOTB!! He will be the last one to come the red carpet like the 3 years before, the 27 is the season premiere and I will be flying back home, I won’t be able to watch live!:-(

      • Yeah but you will have seen it already right? πŸ˜‰ lucky u!!

        I’m sure Alex will be there. It’s pretty much a “gimme”. Lol! If anyone shows it will be Alex and Daniel, the ones who truly appreciate Hawaii.

        Alex has to know how many fans he would disappoint by not showing, he’s clearly the big draw of the audience for the most part.

        I just hope they dont spend so much time with the Jonas Bro’s. Last yr was so nice ❀.

      • Thanks to you Alavenia I won’t have to worry about HNN this year, I will be watching the live streaming from LLOL. I would give up a live watch on tv for a LIVE watch at SOTB, I’m not jealous, well maybe a little but I am just happy you will be able to be there πŸ˜€

      • According to my TVGuide its on in the southeast coast at 2:00 on the local CBS channel.

        You can go to TvGuide online or download the smart phone app and enter how you watch TV (Regional local channels or whih satellite system you use) and it will give you the time and channel. Hope that helps!

    • Don’t forget 1) ask him about Marcus’ back of the head tattoo in The Invisible, and when he’s duly impressed that you noticed, 2) ask him to TAKEOFFHISPANTS! Thank you, that is all πŸ™‚ Have a GREAT time!!

  2. I’m sure that Alex will be there, he’s the one who promote SOtB all these years as a thank you for the fans and of course Daniel will be there as well. those 2 love Hawaii and have so much respect for its traditions as we all saw in the Blessing ceremony.

  3. Just found this because I was in a hurry before work… – About the comments regarding Alex’s attendance of the SOTB4 premiere. Tannya Joaquin of HNN explicitly asked him at the season 4 blessing if he’ll attend the SOTB4 and his answer was “OF COURSE” – He wouldn’t miss the SOTB for anything!

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