3 Promo videos for H50 4.01 Season Premier #AlexOLoughlin #markdacascos

WOW!! All this in one day!! It’s been a terrific Thigh Holster Thursday!
Thanks to CBS Press Express for releasing the promo videos for the Season 4 premiere.

Extended video McG/WoFat:

Extended video Danny/McG:

Short Promo:


Plot…what plot???


72 thoughts on “3 Promo videos for H50 4.01 Season Premier #AlexOLoughlin #markdacascos

  1. NO MORE GIANT POCKETS! JUST GLORIOUS GLUTES AND OMcG! THOSE THIGHS! Sorry for the yelling. πŸ™‚ Again, the man knows how to work a pair of pants! HOLY SH*T!

  2. Oh, season 4, you look almost as good as Alex’s ass in the first clip. And that’s saying something!

    Danny will “always have Steve’s back”…… that whole clip was just terrific! Steve opening up to Danny about not losing Cath the same way he lost his Dad! …. sounds like Steve has had it!

    And… awesome Chin getting his John McLane on! And the repeating message…..just like in LOST!

    This is going to be the longest week EVER.

    • It does look good!! I have to say right now, that no matter what else that happens, the presence of dat @ss and his strut has already made it better than S3 premier. πŸ™‚

      Now onto the less shallow reasons:
      At first I was groaning that Danny was bitching Steve out for shit he’d do himself (if a kid was involved) but then they turned it around with the “always have your back” comment. Lets talk about Steve “not going to lose Catherine like this!!” <<– I died a little inside. πŸ™‚ I didn't put 2 and 2 together that he did lose his dad in the same way, as a hostage. I'm guessing he gets a phone call too. Eek! The faaaces, the epic faaaaces we're going to have!!!

      • I didn’t put 2+2 together either!!! When I first watched the clip, not knowing what it was that they were in pursuit of, I laughed at Danny’s “what do I want to talk about? The weather!” << and then I loved, LOVED how Danny immediately STFU with his rant after Steve said the "not going to lose Catherine too"…. LOVED IT, because Danny knows that Steve doesn't say personal stuff like that easily.

        The best of both worlds – if we aren't seeing his FAAAACES, we get to see DatAss.

  3. WOW, that looks like a thrilling fun ride coming up on season 4 – And, yes, that strut was definitely worthy being put in an extra gif for the fan girls.
    Ess, I hope you saw Peter’s tweet – He wrote “The comments are the best” and retweeted the link to your page repeatedly. If Peter only knew how much fun he and the boys could have viewing your site every day and reading all our comments πŸ™‚

    • First time I looked up that tweet, wow, is that a honor for this site? I guess, *yes*!
      I have to have an eye on my comments :opps: !

  4. I can’t believe we’ve perving about for 4 month now, and finally, the day comes πŸ˜‰ !!!
    I had such a great time this summer with you guys – it’s fantastic and now we got our H5O back!
    The strut: I think the writers do it on purpose, putting up all those loooooong, extra long, corridors for McG to strut along, at least here they know exactly what we want (they’ll have to learn what to dress, still πŸ˜‰ although I’m team blue anytime, but I miss the polos!)
    Great Promos, thanks!

  5. This is awesome!
    Could someone help me with what Danny said in the 2nd promo?
    He goes; This is stupid, beyond stupid …. (and then what?) πŸ™‚
    Thanks !

  6. Love that strut. Thoroughly squeezable and biteable…………. Yum. Thanks Ess you’re the best friend a girl could have.

  7. holy smokes. LOVE LOVE LOVE BAMF CHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    and damn that backside looks oh sooo goood, for the love of god, please let me massage please. or his shoulders. i don’t mind

    those previews are awesome. i love mcdanno in the car. yay!!!!!!!!

    buttercup he said, it’s beyond the goof meter.

  8. I’m anxious to see Steve’s face when his on the phone with the Cath-kidnapper! This is going to be the ultimate Steve face!

  9. O.M.G.!!! BAMF Chin! That strut! I’m not gonna lose Cath like I lost my dad! McDanno!

    My mantra for today: Only one week to go. Only one week to go. Only one week to go.

  10. I know this is 4 mins out of 24 eps, but this all looks sooooo good! As for dat ass- surely that should be on a register somewhere…. but no, he’s free to just walk around with it, no permit or anything, no consideration for the trail of weak kneed, thudding women in his wake! IHH/NID but he is a FLR!

  11. Oh I love the third vid!!! I love Chin, and the BAMFChin is great. He has the moves like McGarrett. Or he learned it from him πŸ™‚
    I want more Steve/Chin scenes. I love them together. Is Peter Lenkov still reading here? Please, can I have more Steve/Chin? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes* which are sadly not even close to be as long as Alex’. Sigh.
    But the first video is incredible!!! It’s already among my most favorite scenes. So intense. Wow! Steve and Marc are always amazing together, but you can see more of Steve here and Alex rocks it. Angry, furious, but desperate and totally bugged – YES! And I love his awesome speed and swiftness as he grabs WF. And I like what he does to him. I mean, it’s Wo Fat πŸ˜‰ .
    But I just know that the DNS-blood-brother thing is a red herring. I’m sure! You can’t punk me! πŸ˜†

    • You know: You write something. You proofread it. Again and again. No mistakes. You post it and BAMF! They are staring at you. Damn.
      So it’s Alex and Marc. And it’s Steve and Wo Fat. I can differentiate. I swear! Bleh!

    • ACA about the BAMF Chin and Chin/Steve scenes! Steve and Chin together have a different feel, i don’t want to call it fatherly/son type because I don’t see Chin as a father figure to him but it’s not quite a brotherly one either, they don’t bicker like Steve/Danny. It’s just one of total trust and respect it feels like. Like one of equals or something.

  12. Is. It. Sept. 27. YET???????

    OMG – I cant wait. Steve and DAT ASS strutting across the tarmac, BAMF Chin, Danny having Steve’s Back, goof meter (my new fav phrase!!) I LOVE H50!

  13. Sending you a GIANT Danny Williams’ type hug from NJ, babe! I hadn’t seen these and you ROCK. BAMF Chin. Go, Chin! And the McG strut…and just … It’s been 4 MONTHS… and new scenes… and “I can’t lose Catherine” be still my little McRoll loving heart. Next Saturday we may all cause Twitter to EXPLODE! hugs hugs hugs, Mari21763 πŸ™‚

  14. WELL WELL WELL, I’ve found ya’ll. Its through my own negligence that I lost ya after Maha stopped updating Sardonic, but YAY!!!! Excited for Season 4!!! Is it okay if I continue to use Sardonic references and terminology? Cause I’m not sure I’ll be able to help myself. πŸ™‚

    • HI!! *waves* yep, we’ve been here, slowly building our empire. Muahahahaha. (just kidding)

      Absolutley you can use the sardonic language, those of us *old* sardonic people still use some of the terms and because we can’t stop ourselves we’ve created more. lol. Check out the H50BAMF-SPEAK link at the top of the page and you’ll see a lot of our terms, with the sardonic credits back to pretteee Maha.

    • Oh yeah and one more thing, we have a LOT of non-native English speakers, they do really well and I’m totally impressed but sometimes we have to explain what we mean, especially some of the terms we started on sardonic. lol. In turn, they teach us a few of their “terms” too and I’m supposed to be adding those to the BAMF-Speak dictionary but I’m a slacker…

      • I love our Non-native English speaking peeps!!!

        Mark my words – one of these days, probably involving a shirless scene, I am going to need to use Google Translate to understand someone’s comment – LOVE THAT.

  15. Thanks Kim and Ess for loving us – your non-native English-speaking peeps – The love is reciprocal πŸ™‚
    At least, I’m pretty sure that I’m speaking for many or even all of us if I say we love you girls, too, and we absolutely, totally love this fantastic site which provides so much eye-candy, fun and more to enjoy every day:-) Thanks for the great work you do to make us all happy!
    PS: I wouldn’t place too much confidence in the Google translator – It may be better than nothing but I’ve seen a few Google translations that were definitely not correct. Even though my English is far from being perfect, I’m pretty good at detecting linguistic mistakes πŸ™‚
    If you ever have problems understanding any of my fellow German fans, let me know – I’ll translate for you πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I’ve seen some interesting translations on Google translate! Actually, with this crowd… that might be good for some new phrases !

      I’ll keep you in mind when I need some German translation πŸ˜‰

  16. I have watched these clips again and Alex rocked that scene with Marc. Hope Steve finds more truth. I can see how he breaks the law so that the same thing doesn’t happen as what happened to his dad. Really looking forward to see how Steve’s character develops further.
    I too would like to see more Steve/Chin. There does seem to be a natural trust. Hurry up s4 can’t wait and hope for more seasons.

  17. Wow!!! These videos are the best way to promote our favorite show. If someone wasn’t in countdown mode, i’m sure he/she is now.

    The confrontation between Steve and Wo Fat is very good. I like how Alex and Mark show us their character’s feelings beyond the script.

    The cargument has one of or the most intense sentence of Steve and a genuine answer by Danny and i have to say that is awesome moment of these two.

    Bamf Chin is always pretty cool to watch.

    And last but not least the gif is a amazing gift! Thank you very much.

    Wow again!!!

  18. I am counting down the days to Season 4! The promos are really exciting. I wonder if Wo Fat and Steve are half-brothers. I love the part where Danny tells Steve that he has his back. One of the many reasons why I love this show (beside Alex) is how close the team is and the fact that they have each others backs. Am I going to be able to sleep Thursday night???

  19. I’m not so sure steve and WoFat are related; hence thatDNA swab; I still think WoFat and Doris either worked together in the past or are former lover’s.
    Now….about datt ass… (Alex’s) mmmmmmm. ..those buns are fresh from the bakery ; 9
    and those boots are made for walkin provided the camera stays at that angle lol
    Looking forward to S4! But bummed I’m going to miss SOTB live streaming, I get up at 5a now, so I have to sleep. Hopefully ppl will have broadcast on twitter over the weekend.

  20. I’m late posting, I know……but I need to say this :QUE CULITO <3!!!!!………..I've always thought that Alex can't dance, looking on the bloopers videos…. but I was so wrong!!!! he knows how to move his ass….indeed, he could do Mambo number five…..paraparapaparapapapaparpapaaprararaap………..guys?…..I'm really thinking that Steve and Wo Fat are half brothers and that would explain Doris's behavior……poor Steve :0(

    • And I SO hope he isn’t!!! It’s way too obviously. I hope the writers are smarter than that…

      On the other hand there is a spoiler on tvrage.com from a person who already saw the ep in a preview: “Steve’s last line of the episode will either shock you or confirm suspicions viewers have had all along.” And the most heard suspicion in fandom to date is the half brother theory…

      • When we take the actual age, Doris would have been 26 while giving birth to Steve and 14 for WF! Highly unlikely (but it’s TV πŸ˜‰ )! And Doris and WF couldn’t have “made” Steve – so what about Steve’s Dad, same age as Doris! So it could only be that Steve and WF had the same dad, not the “dead-dad”! But then Doris would have killed Steve’s real dad and THAT would be really BAD! (Sorry guys, I am babbling, respectively thinking aloud!)
        Can’t think of another DNA connection!

          • But I like the dad theory much better than the half brother theory. And I know a lot of people who are guessing that Papa McG isn’t Steve’s biological father.

            Is there a real solution for this first (and last) sentences his father said in the pilot: “Listen to me, champ! I’m sorry that I lied to you.” And Steve asked: “Lied to me? About what, dad? What are you talking about?” Is there a clear solution about WHAT he lied to Steve, besides the champ box, because I don’t think he means it.

              • Joe White knew that Doris was alive, so maybe Steve’s dad knew too! But who’s the real dad, if!
                I like your theory about “Listen to me, champ! I’m sorry that I lied to you” never actually thought it could have a deeper meaning than the jakuzza stuff! But thinking about it, he couldn’t hardly meant the jakuzza stuff because what would he have lied about it! He just didn’t tell Steve!

  21. after 18 years of working on the stuff in the champ box, you think papa mcg would have at least figured out that shelborne was mama mcg or least found out mama was in the cia. maybe he found the microfiche. and what bugs me as well, is why after what mamo told him about someone sneaking around the car, did he let mama drive it in the first place. i’m wondering did he have some inkling. it’s been on my mind since season 1.

    it take premier week for my juices to start flowing. wish they would start flowing for my assignments.

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