White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin #yescommander

My answer is YES.


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  1. This was the moment I fell for Alex. I hadn’t seen him before I watched the new H50. I’ve seen everything he’s done now of course. But that moment when he was flying into Hawaii was what started it all for me. Thanks for the memory. I’ve been saying yes please ever since.

  2. YES!! To anything…
    As for Welshgirl this was the big ”I-want-more-moment” for me. Later I realized that I had actually seen Alex before (in Mary Bryant years ago) and by now I have seen almost everything (at least everything available in my faraway part of the world πŸ˜‰ ).

  3. This picture made me from a earthly sane mother and housewife to a crazy slowly losing my mind AOL fangirlie whore perving all day long – IHH/NID !!
    Thanks nevertheless πŸ˜‰ !!!

    • Ditto. Hubs is wondering what the hell has happened to his wife. Sorry love but if Steve turned up at my door in That outfit you’ll have to share me.

  4. I agree with you buttercup. From mom to fangirl. The last time I was a fan Backstreet Boys ruled. And now Alex rules big time all the time :->. The first scene of him walking around in his uniform. ..unf. I just needed to know who he was.

  5. This pic brought so much memories and by the others girls comments, we make a good team.
    The pilot still is my favorite episode of Hawaii Five-0 and the moment i put my eyes on this navy seal i rediscovered the fun of watching TV series again.

    For you Commander my answer is and always will be YES!

  6. Huh. Of course I look at this now and think HOLY HELL how can you not think that is the most gorgeous man on the face of the planet?? But ironically it took me to episode 20, after hearing him speak naturally and watching some interviews to “get it”. I was a slow bloomer….but I think i more than made up for it. HA!

  7. I started watching mid-season when I happened across this episode that was being rerun. Like many I watched Hawaii Five-0 as a child with my parents and didn’t think an Australian could play the iconic role of Steve McGarrett originally played by Jack Lord and I was so WRONG. I have been hooked ever since. Thank you again Ess and Kimmer for feeding my daily addiction of Alex, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. The pilot……unf!!. For me the moment was right the begining when Steve was inside the comvoy….the first image of his beautiful eyes and face….sigh!.. Then when he shouts !!NOOOO!!! ….and everything begins…..coming back home in such painfully circunstances; his stoic, strict look in this pic, reflects the insensitivity even to his own feelings, ruled by anger and the rationalized duty of make justice to his father’s murder…..I realice how Steve has grown up sentimentally as a person in these three season, specially in S3, helped by friends ( the paternal love of Danno, the faternal love of Chin to Kono, the inconditional love of Kono to Adam, the love of his own mother, the love and company of Cath)….I think that if you are surrounded by love, you learn to love and I’m glad that the writers have developed Steve character in thay way…..as all of you I could watch the pilot for breakfast, lunch and dinner and H50 is my fav TV serie ever… I don’t have much time to watch TV but H50 is like national TV channel….. Confession from a dreamy A0L fangirl….

  9. Ok… I wanted to be serious in my first comment but my inner Mcperv fan is jumping like a chimpanzee in a cage….
    I would love to receive Steve when he got off the helicopter and told him: I’m in your command Sir!…. raise my hand up to my front and then bat eyelashes….and whisper : the more naughty orders you give me, the more I would be pleased to say to you …..YES!……ok! Monkey…get in now! We are at work!

  10. Ahhh, the pilot – for me, the perfect 5-0 episode. I was already committed because of Alex, but if I hadn’t been…I was after the first five minutes of the pilot.

    Gorgeous – thanks, babe! ❀

  11. I’m so glad to be a happy single because I’m spending quite a lot of time enjoying Alex in his shows and movies and, of course, on the internet collecting material for my fansite – I would definitely have a super-pissed-off husband if I was married!! It’s bad enough that some of my friends think I’m kinda crazy adoring an actor and maintaining a fansite for him even though I’m older than Alex. One friend actually said that only teenagers are supposed to be “fan-girling” and that I’m much too old for that – Needless to say that I disagree with her.
    Anyway, it’s sooooo good to come to this fantastic H50BAMF-site every day because all your wonderful comments show that I’m in very good company as a “fan girl” πŸ™‚
    Like Ess I was a “late” fan though because I missed the first few episodes of H50 but once I started watching (I don’t remember which episode…), I immediately became addicted to this guy πŸ™‚

    • “fan-girling” around isn’t bound only to teenagers! My kids start to be teenagers so you can guess my age around 40 πŸ˜‰ !!!
      I’m spending way to much time “cyber-dreaming” about mr Oh-so-cool and there’s been a time when my kids had sandwiches for lunch/dinner and Cornflakes for breakfast because I was to busy perving around πŸ˜‰ !!
      And yes, bamf is a great place to be !!!! 😎

    • Dear Angie: let me tell you this: Enjoy your single state as long as you want and however you want, because you are single just once in your life…you could be married many times, you could be divorced many times and even became a widow many times ( I don’t mean that you have to and less many times, lol!), but what I mean that it is a period in your life with no return like childhood……and if you wanna be a true happy and juvenile single, congratulations for you!!!!……don’t let anyone to judge you……we don’t hurt anyone by loving Alex and supporting him as fans…….and about husbands..jajaja!….girls, they also have “their isssues” called Sofia Vergara, Miranda Kerr……..
      I also feel H50bamf site is like a “home” for our hearts and love for Alex and eventhough English is not my maternal language and I write in spanish in other blogs, I love being here with you guys <3!.

    • I am also single Angie, and I have a few friends who think I’m obsessed, but I am happy with who I am! If I had a significant other, I’m not sure I would be saying the things I say on here. I have been fan girling since I was 8 or 9 and only briefly stopped during my marriage. I don’t think you are ever too old to be a fan girl! πŸ˜€ I also didn’t discover Alex until midseason of season 1 and had to find out more about this incredibly hot guy! At first only admiring him for his body and looks, but now admire him for being an extraordinary human being and an exceptional actor! But he’s HOT, FREAKIN’ HOT, and sometimes I get a little shallow and EXTREMELY NAUGHTY and blurt out anything and everything I want to do with him. :mrgreen:
      “Thank you ESS” for providing a fun and safe place to “play.” Even if I have to reign in my more colorful comments. πŸ˜›
      I try to be good, but he makes me want to be SO BAD!

    • Angie, you are in great company here! You fangirls are the best of the best!!

      I say there is nothing wrong with fangirling at any age. It keeps you young at heart, gives you a little spice in the spice dept, and for me, I say it keeps me from shopping so it’s saving me money. πŸ™‚

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