Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin #TuesdayTwoFer

Ah, sweet, sweet Jack.

Ok, maybe not so sweet.

Possibly a wee bit naughty….

….and ย unmanscaped.



39 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin #TuesdayTwoFer

  1. Now that’s how you start a day! These pictures also prove that he has had hotstuffitis from an early age! Before this man I wouldn’t even have noticed a neck vein, now I wanna go all Mick St John and friends on it… FLR!

    Love the tags! Thank you!!

  2. Oh so young and fresh. i just want to take care of all the booboos. I’ll leave all of the naughty comments to the other ladies who are really good at it.{{{hugs}}}

  3. OMG!! So MUCH in one picture!
    Loove the face on the first one! and every little or not so little detail on the second one…unf…sigh(s)…drool…
    Can’t wait for some of your comments (not the wise ones!). Come on girls, wake up if not in the same time zone! You won’t regret it!
    Ess, you made my day!
    BTW, “sex on a stick and you know what stick I’m talking about” made me Lol Lol Lol!! You naughty girl!

  4. He is adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those forearm tats really show up here! A lot shows up here. *loves*

    Also, these so prove CBS needs to Free the Damn Chest Hair! What is UP with the manscaping? They don’t do it to Scott. *stamps foot*

  5. He so young here. My thoughts are definitely illegal but oh what fun I’d have breaking the law!! Those cuts def need TLC! Sigh… (I’m w/you GNP – they don’t do it to Scott and he way hairier and wooly than Alex is any day!)

  6. Just another reason to love Topless Tuesday. How can I go to work after looking at that gorgeous man? I just want to take him to bed. Yes, the sex stick is amazing in those undies.

  7. Now how am I supposed to concentrated on work after seeing this??

    Thanks for the Two-fer.

    Have a great day everyone *goes to work with a big smile on face*

  8. Since I no longer work, I’ll just sit here all day and watch this beautiful creation from the Gods and drool….. wait I do that any way!!

  9. Hello Jack! Can you take me on a boat trip along the river, please? Yes, we also stop in a pier for …………….(censored).
    But all of you that watched OF know it.

  10. Yes, Marta – we all know what you mean! The funny thing is that I always ask myself if poor Alex and his female co-star got splinters in their behinds when they filmed that scene on the wooden pier ๐Ÿ™‚ Still looked like a lot of fun from the audience’s point of view though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alex said in an interview he had splinters in his knees from ‘hours of simulated sex’. In other news, that pier spontaneously combusted about 30 min after filming.

      I’m surprised she didn’t have splinters, they start at one end of the pier and end up on the other end. Ouch!

  11. This was my first glimpse of “the packed lunch” ๐Ÿ˜ฏ and I had never heard that expression before, so I laughed and agreed. ๐Ÿ˜› I loved how she told him to drop his pants and he was all hesitant. She says she’s married and has seen it all. Maybe he would have relaxed a little if she hadn’t looked like she was going to devour him and then she kneels down and gets up close and personal with the FOY. Lucky B*tch! The “flinch” when she puts the antiseptic on his wounds about brought me to my knees. I must go re watch TOF although I’m pissed I don’t have the version that shows his hand in his pants. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    Thanks for the two packed lunches. I am a very hungry cougar/fangirl!

    • I do love that he had that little bit of shyness. Boys. lol!!
      I hadn’t heard of packed lunch either but forget restaurant eating! I’ll eat from that lunch box any day! #didisaythatoutloud

  12. MADRE MIA!!!! ESTA ES LA MEJOR ……!….what am I doing????, ok, this is the best pic for explain the term ” manguito verde” : it’s the very first fruit from a mango’s harvest. They are so cruncky with smooth white seed inside that some people even eat the seed and have such an intense citrus flavor that just to know you’re gonna bite one, your mouth waters and set your teeth on edge …..ssssssshhhh…, imagine jack, Mick, and S1 Steve like manguitos verdes…..It’s such a madness tastiness that to enhance the multisensorial experience, you can add lemon ( tattoes), salt ( chest hair) and chili ( uhmmmmmm, ok, you can call it packed lunch or FOY) giving you a prickly feeling on your lips……..So, next time, anyone sees a youngish hot guy with a firm ” cruncky” tonned body that waters your mouth and you wanna eat him completely…. that’s a manguito verde ……and probably would be Marcus ……….I’m in trance drooling…….I know thereare others posts today….. but I can’t stop seeing this…….

      • Hey girl!!!…….I don’t wanna have problems with your mom….but in any case, I’m a precocious of 10, lol!!!
        PS. I have enjoyed so much the comments from everybody today and specially the H50 expression ” sex stick”…..and I propose this: “S4” that means: Sweet Syrup Sex Stick….. Who wanna some? ..hehehe

  13. Leave town/lay low on internet for a few days and come back to this insanely hot post – thank you!! Reminds my why I prefer the boxer briefs…

    Plus, Hub must stop sitting next to me talking about blah blah blah when I am catching up on your blog.

  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, LUNCH!

    Mesmerized, with John Travolta’s voice in my head from “Three Men and a Baby” when the baby saw the lady with the big boobs go by: “LUNCH!”

    Lunch lunch lunch!!!

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