Editing pics from @Plenkov #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #MichelleBorth

They look so happy together. (Not) lol


And the girls…


Wonder if its a new Chuckie movie?


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  1. Like the 2nd pic but not so much of the 1st one because it should be Cath next to Steve. And then we wonder why some people act like crazy with all the McDanno thingy, I know that PL wants to be nice to those fans but some of them just take the McDanno too far . Just saying….its just a small rant and I know that I can do it here.

    • Agree some take it too far but some are happy enough and respectful and some of them are our friends and fellow commenters here. I think they know we will never cater to the McDanno relationship in the sexual kind of way (No H8! its just not the way i see them and it’s my blog 😉 but we do support the bromance. 😉

  2. They don’t seem very amused. Another bad movie’s choice? I hope that we will have a good laugh on this scene like we had in the last year’s halloween episode.

  3. You can see the “flip” of Gabby’s hair to Danny’s right in the first picture, but then it looks like she and Cath are sitting next to each other in the next. Either they are playing musical chairs during the movie, or something is amiss…

    • Maybe they wanted to watch the movie together (beginning of ep) and then the “lovers” have to leave and solve the case and cath and gabby are left alone to finish the movie! Hope there won’t be such a messy blood-trenched halloween case!

      • Anyway – it might be a hard thing to top season 3 mcroll halloween scene! But i’m sure we won’t get disappointed!

        • I have my doubts that anything will top last year’s halloween episode, but that was probably my fave of the season so I will try to think positive. Either way it looks fun. 🙂

            • No, the swapped episodes. Once again. Like last year, and it was hard to keep the track, I can tell (it wouldn’t work without excel sheet and immediate making notes of the changes) – at least before the official press releases were out… 😉

              I don’t know if you remember the post from August 22nd, Alex with a fan on set in a bar or whatever and the man in front who thought he’d be photographed and showed off his leg: https://h50bamftumblr.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/bts-pic-from-yesterdays-h50-filming-alexoloughlin/ The FB source Matthew Gregory posted another pic along with this one. Ok, the link in the old post doesn’t work, so I’ll post it here, from my files: http://i73.servimg.com/u/f73/17/28/77/77/12655_11.jpg

              To cut a long story short: The episode with prod# 4.05 (“Aia la aku”) is now serial# 4.04. The episode with prod# 4.04 (“Kupu’eu”) is now serial# 4.05, at least until further notice.

              Btw: Christina Kerwick, who won a visit on set of prod# 4.05 also said they will air this episode first and then prod# 4.04.

              • Yes, I remember hearing about 4.04 and 4.05 changing swapping. So, yes – if that happens this will air on the 18th. I don’t think it is the Halloween episode though – I think that is going to be production 4.06 or 4.07 – they were filming it last week, weren’t they? With Rumer and Masi dressed in costume on the beach?

                It all gives me a headache! Anyway – I wonder if the Halloween episode will air November 1st.

                • Yes, 4.06 is the Halloween ep, they wrapped around 9/11/13, with Rumer and Masi. If they continue with the schedule without changing again, 4.06 will air 11/01/13. Would fit perfectly. 🙂

                • Oh, and don’t tell me about headaches! 😉 Last year they not only swapped the eps, the switched back and forth and criss-cross at a terrific speed so you scarcely could keep the track. Don’t need it again… Not nice to rename all the pics you saved…

  4. I do like the picture of McDanno but just in the “best buddy bromance” way. Totally agree with you, Ess about the way you see their relationship!

  5. Oh, and that little conversation between you and Kim about Steve having eaten too much popcorn and Danno weaponizing his buttons gave me a good laugh 🙂

  6. The first thing I thought was Cath and Gabby agreed to a horror or action flick but made Steve and Danny go to a chick flick. The second thought was and please No H8, Was Danny sitting on a pillow and Steve slouched down in the chair because Danny is taller, lol. I am not a McDanno fan in any way other than the best buds or brotherly fashion because as Ess said it’s not the way I see them either. I just want the season to start already 🙂

  7. Wanda you made me laugh so hard that I’m still crying- the pillow..too funny maybe they should get him one for the Camaro as well. LOL

  8. I wanna see those jeans!!!! and testify with my own eyes they are tight…….looking at Steve and Danno faces, I guess they’re watching The Notebook part II……lol!

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