Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin




25 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. On my phone i zoomed this pic until those yawlines hit the screen frame! Boom – now i’m like that little orange dust powder that’s in the bag when all the cheetos have been eaten! Does that make any sense!!! 😉

  2. HE looks gorgeous, but I gotta say, he’s wearing my gramma’s hair-do here. Sometimes they pouffed that sucker a little too much for me. 😯

    • OMG – you’re killing me!

      ~Now I can only picture this hairdo in a gray color – reminds me of the Queen. Great. Now I’m thinking of Alex/Mick as the friggin Queen of England.

      I hate you. No I don’t.

    • I have to admit that I still need to watch Moonlight–ahhh I know! I discovered Alex with H50 and remembered him on Three Rivers. I have gone back and seen some of his other work, but not yet Moonlight. The face and the chest hair does it for me in this pic, but I have to say that I am not a fan of the hair here. Give me that clean cut Alex or the short haired, but scruffy, wild, bad-boy or the I just rolled out of bed Alex any day! I don’t know if watching ML will ever change that for me. I’m sure it will even further expand his acting ability in my book, but I don’t know about the hair…I’ll probably never change on that one!

  3. Oh Mick! I see you and my heart skips a beat!

    This pic is amazing! So beautiful and young. There aren’t enough words….

  4. OMG ESS, this is a piece of art!!!! Really, this is a beautiful photography where the knowledge of light and shadows is profesionally applied…. It deserves to be hang up in any gallery… And I guess it would call the attention from every visitor… The light on his head gives glow to his hair, the shadows draw the relieves of his lips, his chin dimple, the shadow on his eyes gives such a profoundness that you can feel the silence and loneliness of Mick’s soul……it’s definitelly one of my fav Mick’s pic ever…’s a piece of art and he is gorgeous….Thank you so much ESS!! ❤

  5. I could never reconcile the fact that the same actor played Mick St.John and Steve McGarrett…mostly because AOL “lives” his characters but also because Mick looked nothing like Steve…on the screen or in any pic. Until this one. This one looks just like a long-haired, non-manscaped Steve.
    Does that make sense or am I rambling? I blame the gorgeousness! *sigh*

  6. EU, you described this photo perfectly, esp. the part about his eyes. Alex can say so much with those eyes! I could just melt into them right now. What a beautiful picture. Thank you!

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