Fangirl Sunday – H50 Favorite Random moments POLL #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #MichelleBorth

Ok, after the seeeriousness that was last week’s “emo” poll, let’s go in a more lighthearted direction for our last S3 Favorite Moments Poll.

Let’s celebrate a few of my favorite random moments from the season. Those unexpected little treats that have little to do with plot but are nonetheless completely enjoyable to watch.  It’s often these lighthearted or kind of crazy unexpected moments that we remember for years to come.

Please pick your top FOUR choices for this week:

Sorry again for the late post. This is probably how it’s going to be for most Sunday’s now but I thank you for your patience and always, your participation and support!  Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Next week we will have a round up of all our S3 Poll Winners from this summer.


32 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – H50 Favorite Random moments POLL #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #MichelleBorth

  1. Oh my.. Um.. Okay, Only 4 eh!! Okay..
    1, That is easy – V-Neck shirt – *wipes drool off chin* Love that shirt.. if it was in white, someone would be calling “911” every time I see it.
    2. The EPIC wrangle hitch – Oh yeah… that is even better then Season 2 “adjustment” 😉 this time he is facing us! 😉
    3. The Notebook – I love that ending, the bromance, Sorry Steve, Catherine was too busy drooling over Ryan Gosling to notice anything
    4. The shot heard ’round the world – “You are such a girl” Love that line!

    Thanks for the easy voting this time! Not too much to think about!! But I am the first post, so maybe I am out numbered, but not a fan of the camping episode! I like serious over comedy *ducks*

  2. Agh! Now see, I had a harder time this time! OMG so many fab moments… Finally went for the shot, show off Steve (cuz his Happy throwing that damn knife KILLERS me!), McLucy, the notebook. Really wanted to vote for the badge too. Steve needs something to do with his hand? Hmmm. I think he found something.

  3. Can I please vote for five? Please, please, please! 🙂 *hmff* If I HAVE TO choose ONLY 4… for sure The Notebook, and Jenny Felman is a slut, because I love playful Steve and I’m a little bit McDanno and a little bit McRoll. 🙂 Anytime Steve is on the couch I pretty much love the scene and fantasize about how soft the leather would be against my nekkid bum with him sprawled on top of me. 😛 Next is Magnum H50 because I remember how loud I laughed when the preview came out and Steve’s bopping head is so darn adorable. Plus remember the BTS pic of him in the helicopter? YUMMY…his big bulging legs spread out in those delicious caramel pants. I finally chose Show off Steve over the hitch because again I love playful Steve. BUT, I really really really love that hitch!!! Two handed in white pants…GUH…maybe I need to rethink this. 😕

  4. It was easy for me to pick the top 4 even though I feel guilty about not voting for some others, because I loved them so much! For me the top 4 are easily 1. the shot (hello, short & curlies!! I mean…what an awesome surprise!! haha) 2. Jenny Feldman is a slut cracks me up EVERY DAMN TIME! I love playful, flirty Steve. He’s so much fun and I love that Cath totally *gets* him and plays along. 3.McLucy because lets face it, she was the best guest star they had all season. These 2 together were perfection. 4. The Notebook because it was cute and it was an ad-lib of sorts and Alex makes me giggle relentlessly.

    Honorable mention: NOT THE MULLET!!! the Hitch (It’s mesmerizing), the badge (he was *this* close to grabbing himself) and Peyton Manning because funny Steve is hilarious.

    • “McLucy the best guest star of all season” YES! and with all my respect the future Mrs. McGarret…..ohhhh!, that inocent confession killed me

    • Please Ess, could you explain this word to me cause I don’t get it : ‘the mullet”.
      BTW I love Sang Min/Will Yun Lee, he looks so sweet in real life!

      • Mullett is a hairstyle thats short in the front and long in the back. Like his was. In the U.S. its made fun of and mostly associated with people who are not so well educated or classy which is not really the case.

        I love Sang Min too! It was his decision to wear the hair that way, it was a wig. Sang Min was characterized by his mullett! Lol.

        • Wow! I’m glad I asked you about this mullet thing.(I knew I was missing something… and I was right!).
          Thank you so much! I had found it before in an interview of Alex on the AOLRocks site but couldn’t find a good translation
          according to the context.

      • Btw Wil Yun Lee is very nice in real life. I’ve tweeted with him on several occasions. He’s always sweet and friendly and open. Him and his wife had their first baby this yr.

        On the s2 DVD Alex gave Will a very nice compliment and I tweeted it to Will, he replied with some very nice words about Alex.

        He’s also very good friends with Apolo Ohno who i adore. 🙂

  5. I can´t belive that romantic dinner invitation hasn´t gotten to the top? I still love Steve carrying Cath in his arms 🙂
    but also voted for showoff McG (little girls listening to pig gutting and then that knife throw, I want to get to Steve´s survivor camp!) Pre-McRoll moment got my 4th vote. It´s so often just Alex´s facial expressions that are topping those great moments 🙂
    Oh that lovely huge v-neck, will hopefully make return in so 4!

  6. These put the biggest smile on my face:
    – the shot because yes yes yes
    – Magnum theme because it’s in my top three crime shows with H50 and Starsky and Hutch. Yep been a fangirl my whole life.
    – show off Steve because this story telling was a brilliant idea IMO
    – Peyton Manning because loved this non cargument putting the boys on different poles with what they like

  7. This was easy to choose : the shot, McLucy, the Notebook and Book’em Kono. I wish that Lucy could be back in the new season.

  8. These were sooo hard to choose from! The adorableness of Playful Steve makes me pick “jenny the slut” 1st. Love how he and Catherine ‘get’ each other and the ease and cuteness of the relationship just gets me every time. The notebook, because the “you’re gonna hate it” makes me laugh event though I’ve seen it an embarrassing amount to times! Hugs for the great poll xo! @Mari21763

  9. ‘There once was a showoff, adorkable and cute,
    who wasn’t a girl but a man not afraid to shoot,
    in his presence all girls turn immediately into sluts,
    and about him even McKono was totally nuts.’

  10. My favorite random moments from the season 3 are: #1the shot, #2 Jenny Feldman the slut , #3 the notebook and #13 Peyton Manning . With #5 Showoff Steve as honored place.
    These lighthearted and unexpected Steve’s moments were the most enjoyable to watch. I love goofy Steve. He is more than a navy seal and Hawaii Five-0’s Boss.

    This is a very cool poll Ess! Thank you.

  11. Another hard choice but managed to choose four this time. I’m sure you posted the BLUE v-neck shirt just for me (the blue lover :-)) but I couldn’t choose it cause it would have been No. 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever. I picked the Notebook, Showoff Steve, Dinner Invitation and Magnum H50 but there were quite a few more I would have loved to pick, too… which is again proof of your excellent selection of pics 🙂

  12. I took your words and I chose those moments enjoyable to watch and I will remember for years to come:
    1. The shot….that was unexpected but sooooo enjoyable and delicious. I realized that Alex has p0rn veins all over his body and the first plane of his perfect hand ……unffff…
    2. The Hitch…..we had this pic recently but with movement is even better….love his mainly way of holding the kevlar belt….unfff…
    3. Showoff Steve. I think that most of us will remember this epi forever, the expression of Steve when he throws the knife and then look at the girls smiling…so adorable. We can see he was enjoying teaching those little girls….
    4. The notebook….just for one reason: Steve wearing jeans and using flip flops sandals?!!!!! A rude navy seal ? …..the only thing I didn’t like it was that Grace knew about the movie…the notebook is not a movie for a 9 or 10 years old girl….well, in my opinion…but Steve has to look for another girl to watch Chucky movie with, someone who goes along with him, grasps his chest so he could “take advantage” of the “poor” frightened girl……I would love to play that, lol! .
    Sundays polls…..good idea!!!

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