Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin @H50


Why is it that the handle on the back of the vest is so enticing????


16 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin @H50

  1. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who always feels a strong urge to pull that handle 🙂 Excellent picture for a very good start into the weekend – Happy Weekend!

  2. That Season 1 kevlar with the sexy handle at the back will always make me happy, V_E_R_Y Happyyyy 😆 !!!! Agree with Angie, great pic – thanks!

  3. Uhmm…..which pants is he wearing?…..I can’t think in any others than the caramel ones from yesterday because this handle of the back reminds me “the handle” of his front….LOL!!!……love the hair, love the hair and his BAMF face. Thanks for weak me up this way!! ❤

  4. This is one of these faces I can hardly look at, because there’s so much hotness stacked in his eyes!! I recently got myself to watch one of these SteveMcGarrett YouTube videos and I hardly made it to the end, because the dose was to much to bear and it drives me out of my mind to see him doing hot-stuff for more than 3 minutes 😉 ! Does anyone have the same feeling 😉 !!!

    • I’m just asking myself how you manage to watch an entire H50 episode with all that McGarrett hotness in it ?! 🙂 Good for you that the other team members share the screen with our hottie to take some pressure off you 😉
      Actually, I absolutely enjoy watching YouTube videos with Steve in them and can’t get enough of seeing him. It’s one of the reasons why I put lots of links to YT video clips on my fansite for Alex because I personally love to watch them and figured that other fans would enjoy them, as well. I hope my fansite won’t drive you out of your mind if you ever look at it – There’s a lot of hottie Steve on there – in pics and many (linked) video clips – View at your own risk: 🙂

      PS: There are a lot of YT video clips I don’t like though but that’s definitely not owed to Steve being in them but rather due to the bad taste in music etc. by those who make the videos…

  5. My naughty mind is still recovering from the BTS pic last night. The handle would be something good to hang on to when he’s got me thrown against the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist. 😉 The thought of him touching me with those orgasmic hands is going to make working today very difficult. I will certainly have a permanent smile on my face all day! 😀

  6. Gorgeous photo of an intense Steve. Those eyes are fierce !! I think the handle on the vest is for Danny to yank Steve back, when he’s about to do something reckless. LOL I love it !!

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