Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin #H50 by @Kimphin1



29 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin #H50 by @Kimphin1

  1. Yep, and that perfect mouth and nose and neck. Let’s face it the man is all just perfection. Great pic Kim! Thanks.

  2. Agh! Seriously, if he ever asked me for ANYTHING I could never say no! Here, Dude…you want it, it’s yours. My undivided attention, my vote, my money, my passwords, my kidney, my heart. Definitely my heart… 🙂

  3. I so agree with you Gracenotpark, however when i would ever meet him in person, i would be totally not able to say anything…I wouldn’t be able to form a single coherent word…

  4. I so want to nudge these two little ‘strands of hair soon to be curls’ on his head and behind his perfectly shaped ear with my index finger. And then I would giggle like a schoolgirl. TRIGGER finger, you know…

  5. This scene was on of my favorite moments at episode 3.01. It was beautifully acted.

    And yes girls we can never say no to him if he looks to us like that.

    Thank you Kim for bringing this gorgeous pic of Steve on my day. It’s perfect because it was with this character that i found Alex and that conquered me with his act skills besides his looks.

    • Yup – he’s not just a pretty face! Above all – I admire him for his talent, and the way he tries to be as normal, decent person that he can.

  6. ……There’s no doubt Alex gets anything but anything from any and every woman just to look at that way…(I wonder if he gets bored of that)…..now I understand why Doris came back to Hawaii where her baby boy was….oooouu he’ s so cute that it really hurts……thinking about it I wouldn’t be able to translate anything from Spanish to English if I ever meet him…..I would have a stupid smile on my face, LOL! OMG! Ashamed……

    • I wouldn’t be able to translate anything so my solution is a hug! that’s international speak.
      BTW I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you and all our friends here to check my new addition to “Friends of BAMF”
      If you are interested of course.

      • A hug????….just a hug?….I guess very deep inside of you, your chain reaction would be a french kiss…. Right?….of course I have already checked your last addition ;o)

  7. I absolutely loved this scene because of Alex’s excellent acting in it – I almost cried when he looked so sad about having to say Good-bye to his Mom again 😦
    Fantastic picture, Kim!

  8. I definitely should not open a Fabulous Face Friday post if there is so much to do otherwise… Just said on our board I’m at translating the latest spoiler. Ha! What? When? Why? See you later when I’m back on my chair. 😉

    Great pic you chose, Kim! Thank you! 🙂

  9. This is quite possibly my favorite screencap of Alex. That look of vulnerability makes him devastatingly beautiful.
    And believe it or not, looking at this pic does not conjur up any naughty thoughts. No really, its true. All I want to do is stroke his face..and hug him…and tell him everything will be okay….and take his hand..and lead him to my bed…and make all his troubles disappear….
    Ok…Ok… I’m a LLWL….so shoot me.

  10. That’s an understatement! Fabulous face.. It more like Amazing, Attractive, Alluring, Beautiful, Handsome, Wonderful, Gorgeous Face Friday 😉

    Sorry, my thesaurus brain got stuck.. 😉

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