Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOloughlin #H50

Both thighs get the love this week!


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  1. Ahhh Kim, it really scares me when I watch this ep last night and “boom” next morning you come up with this “Thigh Holster Pictures” – really really scares me, but I suppose this must be the fangirlie-blood running through our veins 😉 !!
    I love love LOVE this ep so much, that blue shirt is soooo blue in some scenes it looks like his eyes are flowing out with blue, creeping amazing!
    Not to mention those frkn hot tan cargos and hot-blooded “I-dont-know-what-to-do-with-my-rage” Steve! Thanks and thanks!

    • Sorry, buttercup. I will adjust my spy satellite away from your livingroom 😉

      Ahhh… as many here know. “Rage-y” McG makes me tingle.

  2. I have to get a few things off my chest 😉 !
    This ep had me mesmerized for weeks because:
    #1 While arresting Kono, Steve’s face/eyes said so much and he only had to say “get out of the car Kono” – tough Steve! They were taking in a friend and we could see Danny’s insecurity!
    #2 Kono with her blood-covered hands getting out of the car, Steve’s “Lori”!
    #3 Steve’s “are you kidding me” and then Chin “not like this” (I really have to add that Chin was outstanding during the while ep, just great acting!!!)
    #4 Steve’s leaning in the blue room (*thud*) !
    #5 after hitting Fryer in the face, Steve walks away caressing his punching-hand, he he, just frkn hot!
    ohh I forgot Chin and Steve in the office, when Chin confessed to Steve, those two were rocking that office scene!
    May I add, I SIMPLY LOVE THE CAST so much 😆 !!!

    • I just watched this episode last night in my re-re-re-watch of H50. And I couldn’t agree with you more BC. Steve’s face when Kono got out of the car, Oh my..
      but the slug in the end, oh I loved it the first time and still do “Nobody messes with my team”

      Season 4 is gonna be interesting, his team is separated.. Oh my..

      • YOU rewatching it too – wow – double.fangirlie.rewatch.power 😉 !! It’s good to know that i’m not the only one re-re-re-rewatching! I sometimes think i’m overdoing it!!!

    • DDK was spectacular in this episode.

      I liked that Steve had Lori arrest Kono. He knows what it feels like to be arrested by a ‘friend’ (Chin in the first finale). So he spared Kono those feelings and had someone she didn’t really know place her under arrest. I thought that was good.

      Rage-y McG at Chin…. oh hell yes. Yes on every level. The two of them were brilliant in that scene.

  3. Thanks Kim, White dress uniform followed by tan cargoes and thigh holster. How’s a girl supposed to survive? Love it!!!

  4. well, i certainly wouldn’t like steve or danny arresting kono, so i guess Lori was the only option. blurgh
    i loved the punch to fryer, made me cheer. would have loved the group shot if it wasn’t for her in the frame. grrrr

    but double thigh holsters make me happy

    • I remember thinking how cool it was (heartbreaking?) that McG had Lori cuff Kono – because he knew that he and Danny couldn’t.

      Double thigh holsters – so much more than double the pleasure!

  5. BC covered most of my fave parts, but the end scene with him strutting away leading his team will be forever engrained in my brain. He is such a FRICKIN SEXY BAMF! I am a true lover of the white pants, but these caramel/tan cargos give him the “swing and sway” (borrowed from fangirl Jill) that makes my mouth water and my lady parts ignite! 😛
    I don’t blame those thigh holsters for latching onto those fantastic thighs and taking a ride. GUH! He must have the happiest holsters getting to ride his thighs and waist, and have him stroke you when he’s taking out his gun….((S&T)).

  6. Great pic, terrific episode and yes, it was kinda heartbreaking when the team had to arrest Kono – Good for them that Lori was there to cuff Kono to spare the boys from having to do it. I also absolutely loved the “Don’t mess with my team” ending!
    One thing I love and enjoy about this H50BAMF blog – apart from the actual posts which are always fantastic – is the fact that so many fan comments here show that a lot of us love Alex, H50 and certain episodes of the show for the same reasons. I guess we all share the same excellent taste 🙂

  7. This is an epi that proves S3 was really great, as much as S1…….thanks to Marta and Louise that spoke first about the main thing between the thigh holsters, LOL! ….I read the first comments and thought: has nobody noticed his FOY?????!!!! ……..oh my!!!! these tan cargos and the white pants are my fav…….he should use them as he uses the well known BLUE shirt…..

  8. Nothing to add, absolutely nothing… *sigh* except “Nobody messes with my team!” Today as relevant as then.

    This picture and ep remind me of this: No self-promtion intended (and it’s not the best fan vid ever), but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I read all your comments.

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