BTS photo #AlexOloughlin with a fan #H50

From @Hihostage instagram


The shirts they are wearing are from

The following is from their “About” page:

Our Mission and Philosophy
Kako’o (Support)
Support for the Hawaiian culture through art, design, and music.
Ho’ona’auao (Educate)
Educate the youth abouth the history of our Hawaiian people.
Ho’omalu (Protect)
Protect Hawaiian freedoms by unifying our people.


30 thoughts on “BTS photo #AlexOloughlin with a fan #H50

  1. Do you think that’s taken in his trailer? Anyway he looks fab. He’s at his best when he’s as himself not in character.

  2. I want to believe that is Alex’s trailer and behind him is a cool guitar. I would love to hear Alex playing some rock. The t-shirts are also cool and with good mission.

  3. He looks happy. He looks healthy. He looks contend. Love it.
    At first I thought this might actually be one of those shirts Alex designed for Egan. But no. I’m so curious!!!

  4. Kim, no need to worry about the shirt – It’s definitely black but looks sooo cool that the wardrobe dept. won’t exchange it for a blue one!!! Besides, I don’t think he’s gonna wear this shirt on the show – it’s probably something to wear off the set, so it’s his own decision to wear it – the wardrobe folks can only tell him what to wear on H50 πŸ™‚
    By the way, I love the fact that even with this shirt, Alex is again supporting a good cause (in this case Hawaiian culture). Does this guy ever do anything that is not “good” or philanthropic in some way? I doubt it… No wonder we all love him!

    • ^^^THIS^^^….we truly love him because, being himself, he irradiates the love and kindness of his beautiful soul and as I said a few days ago beauty comes from inside.
      I hope the guy had gave Alex a red shirt too, lol!

  5. Kim, if you ever figure out how to order Alex, please share this valuable knowledge with us. – Or wait, I think we have to figure out first how to clone him or he’ll be sold out after the very first order 😦 Shoot!

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