Today is R U OK? Day – #AlexOloughlin encourages you to ask the question

All you need to do us ask the question.

R U OK? Day is Australia’s national day of action on the second Thursday of September (12 September 2013), and dedicated to reminding people to regularly check in with family and friends.

Have you chosen your three people to ask? You could change a life.


Watch Alex talk about the importance of asking R U OK? at H50BAMF’s YouTube Channel. And take the time to have the conversation.

More resources and videos are available at the R U OK? Foundation’s webpage

24 thoughts on “Today is R U OK? Day – #AlexOloughlin encourages you to ask the question

  1. Are you ok, girls? I’m not quite well, but i will be! Thank you for his special place that we can cheer up and laugh our RL!

    Don’t forget to talk at least one person today. It will mark and can change his/her life. TY

    • Hey Marta – hope you feel better soon.

      When I was getting the information for this post together, I spent some time clicking through their website. It really is a wonderful foundation – while it is primarily about suicide prevention, the general concept can be expanded to so many other difficulties a person could be experiencing. It’s such an easy thing to do… just ask someone, start the conversation, open the door. Many times that is all a person who is suffering needs.

      • I also visited the site when Ess post here this campaign a couple months ago. This is very important matter and we have to see that is more than a suicide prevention. It’s about we have to take care of each other, we have to give to receive back. Nowadays we all struggle with our busy lives and we tend to forget that at your side someone need your attention or even help. So if we ask “are you ok?” more often we can make a difference.

        Thank You.

    • Sure you will sweetie. You get positive energy from all H50bamf followers :o) You did already the first step: admit it.
      I consider we should have asked ourselves first and then look for our 3 friends or relatives to care about their problems… feels so good.
      Yesterday, was a sad day to remember but today is a day of hope that love and kindness exist in our hearts…… Another reason to be an Alex’s in love fan

      • Thanks for your words. Yes, first we have to be true to ourselves and i always have been. We all have battles to fight for during our journey. But some traps in the path lay us down in a way that is hard to stand up. But we have to be fearless warriors and to be brave is more easy with a friend at your side!

  2. You just never know who you’ll help by doing this. Marta – feel better. I hope all the ladies who frequent here are ok. I am fine and truly blessed.

  3. Such a great idea and a wonderful way to help people (thank you Alex for doing the add and helping people)! I love to giggle here and it lightens my daily strains 😉 !!

  4. Speaking up can save a life! I know first hand. Thank you Alex for looking hot and helping save lives. And looking hot. And saving lives while looking hot. But seriously, ask someone today! (just finishing a post about this myself! Thanks Ess too!)

  5. Kim is right that it can be expounded to just asking the question, you never know what difference you may make in someone’s life. For me, it happened 12 yrs ago, I was very depressed but no one around me seemed to notice…not even myself. One day a woman I had just recently met asked me, “Are you ok?” I said “yes” and she said, “No you’re not. I can tell.” She was right…. it really helped me because I wasn’t even admitting it myself. She’s been my BFF for 12 yrs now and I can never express to her the way she improved my life that day with those 3 words. ARE YOU OK?

    • so powerful. that’s another point too.. sometimes you need to talk to someone who DOESN’T know you well. so often we put on a mask for our loved ones to ease THEIR burdens. it’s one of the good things about finding friendships online – three freedom to open up if you choose to. (ironically, it’s also a downfall of social media…)

  6. Hugs to all the McPervs on this day. Be well ladies.

    And what a better spokesperson than the one that makes us all smile consistently. I know there were others doing these spots but of course my biased opinion is that our AOL is the best 😛 yes the full on accent is awesome to hear.


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