New Editing pic #H50 from @plenkov #AlexOLoughlin SBJandTO!!


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16 thoughts on “New Editing pic #H50 from @plenkov #AlexOLoughlin SBJandTO!!

  1. Yeeeaaaaah!!!! ……TY ESS!!! This papacito is guapo ( handsome), bello ( beautiful), precioso ( gorgeous) y tan rico (and so sexy hot) because is AOL…….just simple like that!!!… I guess I’m gonna be an addict of this episode and I’m already an addict to Commander McGarret in white uniform……my fantasy would be completely come true if he appears thigh in this uniform and then we can see him undresses it…imagine he takes this jacket off …Steve, tanned chest, chest hair, just in white pants…UNNNNNF!…that would be “killing me softly”…….but at least I could say that I saw a real angel…..sigh! .
    PS. I know I still own you a translation ESS, but I’ve been searching to be the more descriptive as I could. :o)

  2. As far as i can remember (from JAG πŸ˜‰ ) this isn’t the normal white summer uniform, i guess this is the special occasion uniform! Because of the neck thig and the huge hat! Anyway, who’s the man?

    • I asked Wendie about the uniforms. She said dress blues for special occasions in winter and dress whites in summer. Because it’s almost always summer in Hawaii, they usually wear white. Special occasions could be dinners, funerals or any other occasion dress whites or blues are imposed. If I remember correctly she posted something on the Five-0 Redux FB page.

  3. Madre mΓ­a! (I need this reversed exclamation mark on my keyboard…) I’m so behind with my twitter search. I could have found this last night and had plenty of time to recover. Now it’s 7:30am, I have to go to work, and BAM! Hey, I have to drive an hour! How should I concentrate? Ok, my fault to open this post… @EU Your remarks don’t make it better… πŸ˜‰ Isn’t he gorgeous in dress whites? *sigh*

  4. Hope you’ll forgive me if I use the same idea again but… how about shirtless in uniform? Bwah!
    Sorry, I won’t do it again…(well, at least I’ll try!)

  5. Even this early in the morning I was already having a bad day. It just got a whole lot better. That man could mend all my ills I swear. He leaves me speechless but smiling (and maybe panting quite a lot).

    • Maybe you’re right. According to the last hints and editing pics PL tweeted along with the above one I think the white uniform is part of 4.01 (might be wrong though, oh my, I hate that not knowing where and when…): First question and aswer: “…The season opener also features one of the least expected outcomes to a hostage scenario…” Although I’d say an “expected” outcome to a hostage scenario might be the death of someone, but… πŸ™„

  6. Now the tease is complete! White dress uniform with the hat that’s all i wished and now is confirmed. Girls if you don’t see my comments here after the episode to be broadcast is because i died of so much hotness on my computer screen!!!

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