Fangirl Sunday POLL – Best McG emo moments S3 H50 #AlexOLoughlin

Oh man, there are so many I could have chosen and this poll would have been huge!  Some have been covered in other polls, some will be covered in the last 2 polls.   So yes, I know you will say there are a lot of emo moments I left out. True!!  but these are good ones, yes??

Let’s celebrate one of the things that Alex does best and that’s to be emotional. Whether it’s angry, sad, frustrated or frightened, he excels at it.  Pick your top 3 emo moments for this poll.

Click on the first gif and leave your comments if you feel inspired.

56 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday POLL – Best McG emo moments S3 H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. OMG I need a drink! I went thru these suckers, made very very very hard choices, voted, and now I’m emotionally exhausted, just from perusing the gifs and pics!

    I like it. :mrgreen:

  2. It was tough, even for me. lol. I voted
    2 because his faaaace in that scene!
    8 because after all the lies, it took her messing with his relationship with Cath for him to finally have it out with his mother!
    14 it was the (in my life) line that gets me every time. Seriously, can you imagine??

    • I voted 1, cuz that scene started the season and the relationship on its up/down course and it was sooo perfectly acted; 9, cuz it makes me cry every time when he sees Freddie’s bod; and 14, cuz like you said, the emos he expressed had been building up in all of us, I think, all season, and the way he spit out that line “in my life”… Oy! Thud. Gasp. Bravo!

      • I voted the same – thank you gracenotpark for finding the words to describe why.
        (Not that there is anything “wrong” with the other moments but for me these are something special)

        • I know! Nothing wrong with any of the choices. They are all Alex being amazing! How cool we have so many moments from this past year. 🙂

          • It is!! That’s why I really wanted to do these polls. So many complaints about this season, which I personally thought was the best, but whatever….everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I wanted to remind everyone that yeah there were some ‘meh’ moments but there were plenty of DAMN GREAT moments as well! Those are the moments we focus on here at H50BAMF.

            • Yes! Absolutely! For me this season was the best too! So much amazing scenes, funny, goofy and emotional. Plus: Alex develops his Steve, his character. Rarely seen in a TV Show! And we had a Chin episode, which I loved, because he is my second favorite character!

              • Agree so much !! Alex has so grown into his McGarrett character. In a way, leaving the military mindset, coming back to Hawaii and working with a whole new group of people was as much a “fish-out-of-water” situation for Steve, as it was for Danny. Alex is so amazing. The producers couldn’t have chosen a better Steve McGarrett.

                • Absolutely ACA Linda!! They are very, very lucky they chose Alex for McGarrett. In S1 when he wasn’t written very well IMO, Alex really saved the day by what he did over and above what was written in the script with his face and his body language and just being so damn believable. Now that the writing has started to grow his character, Alex is acting his ass off!

            • WHAT?! ‘meh’ moments? There are very few, if any. This season was amazing, and by far the best.
              I have a friend who didn’t like H50 much, but since S3 she’s a fan, because (her words) ‘this is just it’. LOL

              • That’s awesome! new fans!!

                I didn’t like episode 3.1 or 3.2, wasn’t crazy about 3.6 or the one that aired after the superbowl. Other than those episodes I think it was a mostly stellar season.

      • #14 for the same reason as you all have said in your comments! Because his face and his spoken words united so many feelings, the hurt, the anger, the love – it does me in everytime (I have to add, I don’t like her tears, EVERYTIME!!) but hey, it makes HIM do these oh-so-hot-facial-expressions, and

  3. I voted for #9 because it’s still hard to watch sometimes. The range of pain and emotion on his face just blew me away. And of course #13 makes me wanna do very naughty things to him! Thanks 😉

  4. It was tough, but I chose #1 because he owned that scene and he gave us a little tongue to lighten the mood 😛 #9 b/c I’m tearing up just looking at the gif and #13 because like Jill said ^^^ and he is working those white pants…oh yes! He looks like he needs to blow off some steam…mmm…yeah my dirty girl mind went there. :mrgreen: Thanks, ESS!

  5. I voted for
    9. Friendship
    1. Doris, if that’s even your real name!
    7. I am proud of you son!

    completely forgot about McRoll. Not a shipper!!

    And 15 emo choices and you only let us choose 3 – talk about torture! (just kidding!)

  6. Sorry, Ess – I pass this time. I absolutely love emotional Steve and there’s just too much great stuff to choose from this week. I would need at least twice as many votes (which would be for 1, 2, 3, 7, NINE, 14).

    • I may or may not have voted on my work computer today. #Totallydid

      Sorry babe. I know it was a tough one but isn’t it good to know he gives us so much to love?? Really it’s a testament to Alex that we have such a hard time voting!

      • Ess, I totally agree – it’s good to know that he gives us so much to love about “his” Steve. He’s just spoiling us with lots of emotions and an awesome performance. As long as I enjoy him this much as Steve, I don’t really mind that I can’t make a decision in your difficult polls – which I, of course, very much enjoy, anyway. Only the voting was too difficult for me, which basically means that the poll (resp. the moments to choose from) was actually just much too good, I guess 🙂

  7. Wow!!! This was emotionally hard to do, all are great emo performances of Alex, but I choose:
    # 9. The pain of knowing what his friend suffered, is so well expressed. Indeed, epi 20 is my fav of S3.
    # 1 and #15. Because in both we see a different Steve. In 1, he’s the son abandoned by his mother when he was a child and he is dominate by this feeling but in 15, he’s the son that is loosing again his mother, a woman he has the chance of knowing just a little bit more and still he has strong “trust issues” but he has realized that no matters anything she’s her mother and he loves her. …

      • Steve has a magnanimous heart because he had a great dad and your most strong values come from home and he has all the values from the militia too….so I feel he is a truly good man but that makes him vulnerable to be easily hurt……I can’t believe I feel worry for a character…but it’s our Steve ❤

  8. #2 because of his “I’m-happy-I-have-found-my-dead-mom-and-I’m-starting-to-like-her” face and because of the Change he does the moment Danny showed up – from emo to business in less than a second!
    #6 because he had that sexy little mouth thingy during the whole ep and because that man can act without moving and talking! His “who’s-WF-face” shows all his hurt for the loss of his dad!
    Thanks again ladies, >>>>THIS<<<< makes waiting so much better 😆 !!

  9. I love that S3 gave this man so much to work with. No one does emo like AOL…NO.ONE! It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to only three…but I had to go with the scenes that punched me in the heart when I originally watched them.
    #1, #8, and #9 were incredibly heart wrenching scenes that were wonderfully written and brilliantly acted.

  10. I thought 324 goodbye had an overall great sense about it, and that music they played, really fit the moment perfectly. Also felt the intensity of Steve “yelling” at his mom for making Cath part of her lies. And obv his friends remains in the jungle was just A-class acting by Alex and always a winner in the emo moments for me. Crying scenes don´t work for me, this being an exception.

    • I buy almost all of Alex’s crying scenes which is a big part of how well I judge male actors. If they can’t produce a convincing cry (looking at you Ian Anthony Dale), then their acting leaves me cold. Alex is one of the best, if not the best male *cryer* or *emo* actor I’ve seen.

      That said, I’m going to commit heresy and say this scene in 3.20 didn’t do much for me. *GASP* IKR?? I think it’s because my husband called in the middle of the episode which pissed me off. LOL! I could never regain my emo. 😦 Seriously that’s the kind of shit that causes divorces. 😉 (j/k…kinda)

      • I’m emo for you – that you didn’t feel the full impact of that 3.20 scene.

        I wasn’t expecting it, and it hit me in the heart…

        • For some reason, I can’t leave a post unless I reply to someone else’s. #FUWordpressatwork

          Any scene from 3.20 I would have picked, simply because Alex was amazing in the whole damn episode, but when he saw what had happened to Freddy…yeah. Heart duly and most definitely squeezed.

          A close second would have been Steve with Lucy…he was SO GOOD with that little girl!

        • I did actually end up shedding a tear for the first time ever in the episode but it wasn’t this moment. It was when Freddie told him to tell his daughter he loved her and McG had to leave him. Waterfall!!!

      • Wasn’t this the first time we saw steve cry? I can’t remember seeing other tears, maybe the 9-11 ep! Alex does great emo scenes aca, but this one in the jungle didn’t get to me either! I mean it was very well acted but it didn’t make me cry!
        I have to admit i’m not the easy crying type, but i’m the one crying over that silly handgrenade cake – so i might be not the one to make such judgements 😉 !!
        One really brilliant actor was harmon rabb from JAG when he cries out relief that his friend bud was going to be allright!!
        Might be good stuff for your next poll “which scene made you cry!”

        • I don’t know if i’d be a good judge on that since i normally don’t cry either. Only one scene in H50 has ever made me cry. lol.

          I think this was the first time we saw him actually shed a tear but he’s welled up about a dozen times a season and I still buy them every one. Bought and paid in cash.

      • I’m so sorry you couldn’t ESS……and if on top of that your husband snores…..NO WAY!!!…. You should take revenge with the super bawl game EVERY YEAR, lol! I’m joking sweetie…, men, men……

        • And when I told him later on how mad I was that he interrupted me, which he NEVER does but he did this one week, he didn’t get why I was so upset. “you have it recorded don’t you?” *sigh* I had to let it go or else had to fess up to the level of my obsession. lol.

  11. 9 and 11 because in this ep he was absolutely fantastic! An outstanding performance! And 2 because of all the expressions in his face without words.

    Honorary mention for 8, just great!

  12. NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE! That sounds like the german ‘no’, so what I want to say is. No no no no no, not only three! But Yes yes yes yes yes, the first one is easy! Nine. I’m so in love with this scene and this epi. His face was the canvas for such a range of emotions. Relief, memory, grief, desperation, awareness and hate!
    And then #14. Yes, because of this “IN. MY. LIFE.” That was so intense. It felt like a release, that he finally showed her his feelings, his desperation. I think I applauded. Because of Alex’ acting and because of Steve’s breakout right in her face.
    Now #7. Because I love the Hookman episode. Not everybody loved the ending, but I did (minus the Danny part 🙂 ). Sometimes everybody needs the affirmation that one did something good, something right. And Steve needed that too, so he needed to really believe, that his father is proud! He never had that. Sigh.

    • “Relief, memory, grief, desperation, awareness and hate!” – leiCa that’s a very good description of his face in that scene! Bravo!

      I agree #7 was quite moving. Once I got over the “where the hell did that come from” feeling, I could really enjoy the meaning behind it. To know that Steve feels like he made his father proud, be it imagined or *real*, it was something Steve deserved. His dad really would be SO very proud of him. ❤

  13. Wow, 14, 9 and 8. Just wow. Great poll. the “in my LIFE” gets me every time I see it. And the “Did you do this to my friend?” Maybe because I’m a Soldier’s daughter whose ‘not McG’ is Navy, but that fallen comrade … I can’t… and sticking up to Doris when he though she was using Catherine was just bam. Love you, love your polls! Bring on S4! Mari21763

  14. Oh No!!!! Panic mode!!! Delete delete!!!
    I want to vote for #1 too. How could forget that scene. Noooo, my hurt sad baby!!!!
    *tiptoes silently do hubbys computer and votes again* Teeheehee… harr harr…

  15. 9. Friendship is my fav McGarrett emotional scene ever. This powerful scene will stick with me always for Alex.
    4. McLucy is just the sweetest scene for me and 2nd fav ep of the season. Love McKids
    13. BAMF moment of epic proportions. OMG that strut from the house and I don’t give a f$&? attitude. My hero!

    No kidding as I type this H50 commercial playing on radio. And it makes me smile every time. Love your polls and the platform to fangirl.

    • Thank you sweetie!! I too love McLucy, alex/McG with kids is something special but Lucy was the best!!! He needs to adopt her or something because the two of them were dynamite!

      • Well if the show is run by Disney, they could kill off the mom. Disney always kills off the mom. Poor moms. But at least I hope Peter listened and Lucy is on Grace’s ball team. That would be great.

  16. Ugh, I hate you, ESS. LOL Really, just 3? You kidding me?

    They are all so good. Alex is so damn good with this. Man, how to choose? Okay, here goes nothing.

    My all-time favorite is number 6. I just love that scene. Simply because Steve knows what kind of botched up operation they did with Wo Fat. And I guess he’s reflecting on all that has happened. All what had slipped through his fingers because Danny couldn’t even hit the side of a barn when he was shooting out of the helicopter. His face is just SO great. Perfection. I could watch it on an endless loop. Such sadness and reflection.
    And then number 7. Steve was finally set free. Doesn’t matter if that scene happened or was just in his head. The total happiness hearing those words from his dead are almost too much. I was so happy for Steve that he could experience that, and Alex played it so well.
    And last but not least number 11. Not for nothing. He had to leave and live on so his friend’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing. Such strong emotion in that one scene. To drive away must have been one of the hardest things for him to do.

    I love this poll. I love Steve emotional, and Alex plays it so perfect. It’s always a great joy to watch no matter what the scene. They are all so great, and I bet there were lots more. 😉

    Thank you, ESS, again a great poll.

  17. Ess, why don’t you let us have 4 votes like last week?

    This poll is “torture” to us because Alex is excelent in every moment. So many great moments and so much feelings/emotions to our Steve. The man behind the navy seal, the man that is what is after the events with her mother 20 years ago and father’s decisions. So my votes are essentialy related with Steve/Mom:

    – #1 confrontation with the truth about mom is alive and faked her own death;
    – #14 confrontation with mom about she never tells the truth to Steve in all his life;
    If we had the chance to vote 4 times i would choose #8 (again mom and son), but only 3 votes (naughty Ess!), so it’s
    – #9 the power of friendship, sometimes is more important to blood family ties. Keeping the promise, Steve reveals again the man of integrity and honor as well as a true friend.

    Thank you Alex for giving us so many great Steve’s moments this season. Yes, mom is in the top of them to drive our favorite character crazy.

    Ess, thanks again for this amazing poll but for me it was the hardest so far. I don’t blame you, It’s Alex with his talent that creates awesome emotional moments.

    • “Ess, why don’t you let us have 4 votes like last week?” – because it’s ONE vote for every 5 options. You can’t vote for every one or then it’s not really a poll. lol. 😉

  18. They are all marvelous but for me it is all about “LOVE AND HONOUR” So I chose 9 7 and 10. Very special moments by a very special actor
    Wonderful PollThanks ESS

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