Blog celebration and site news for #H50BAMF #AlexOLoughlin

Wow, sometime when we weren’t looking we hit the 2800 follower mark!  Amazing!


We have some great stuff planned for the last part of the year that we think you’ll enjoy

New this season we have some *H50 BINGO* planned.  Regular blog readers may remember we did a trial run on the finale of last season.  We’ve tweaked it a little and will be rolling it out in time for S4:E01. Wow, can you believe it’s the 4th season already?!? Awesome!   

Also new this year, Kim will be posting an *H50 Rap Sheet* as a teaser for all new episodes.  These posts will contain spoilers so if you don’t want to know, skip it!!  The Rap Sheet will basically be a recount of what we know and expect for the upcoming new episode like the synopsis, guest cast, director, any known spoiler chat, bts and promo pics. Just enough to whet the appetite!

But what about the winter/mid-season hiatus? Have no fear, H50BAMF never rests!   

Our recaps have been a great success and I’ve been told that I’m a bad, bad fangirl for not watching Mary Bryant yet and a recap has been requested.  You ask, we listen! Steph and I are planning a recap and discussion of MB for the hiatus.  Get your copy now!

Also we have started adding a gallery to the blog.  You’ll now see  a link at the top of the page for Gallery, this will link over to our Facebook page to view episode screencaps and other photos.  I’ve only managed to upload a few episodes from S3 so far, but will continue to add to it until completed.  Make sure you follow the H50BAMF FB page to see all the uploads.

Thank you again to all our friends for your support, your ideas, your comments, your language lessons (giggle) and your time.  We’ll be here to celebrate the release of the S3 DVD, SOTB coverage and all the excitement around the S4 premiere! It’s an exciting time and we’re happy you’re here with us!


ESS, Kim, Steph and Rainy


56 thoughts on “Blog celebration and site news for #H50BAMF #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Congratulation ladies!!!
    All your had work deserves the greatest successes!! all the news sounds really interesting, exciting and fun so I’m eager to begin enjoying them!… and Will… ainssss **tender look**

    Cheers!!! For many more!!!! Mwahhhh!!!

  2. actually, I still haven’t watched Mary Bryant… I downloaded it, made screencaps, but never really watched it… maybe because I saw something in screencaps that made me lose interest for watching… anyway, can’t wait for new H50 season and everything you made for us *thumbs up*

  3. Love Alex as Will Bryant. Looking forward to your recap.
    Thanks, girls, for all of your hard work. Can’t seem to work exercise or meditation in to my schedule but there is always time for H50BAMF! I figure gazing at pics of Alex is meditating and some of them definitely get my heart racing, so I’m covered. Thanks again for my daily fix!

  4. I had no idea that we are a big family – 2800! Yes, it’s amazing. And the site news are also awesome. I’m looking forward to watch the Gallery’s treasured pics collection, read Kim’s “H50 Rap Sheet” and Ess and Steph recap of MB. Thank you for accepting the challenge and continue doing a great job, spoiling us everyday with every post! Hugs to all four H50BAMF warriors.

  5. Congratulations and well done. Please keep on doing what you do. Always a happy dance takes place in my house when I come to this happy place.

  6. Yippee! Yee-haw! and Yowza! Congratulations on 2800! You are a fabulous team and do a most excellent job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and effort, and organization! I can’t wait for the bingo, wrap sheet, gallery–all of it! What a great Season 4 will be, watching and recapping with everyone here.

    And now, alas, I have to disappear for the new two weeks–vacation (without my laptop) beckons. I will need a day or two or ten to catch up with all of you.


      Have fun and enjoy yourself! There will be soooo much goodness to catch up on when you return. Get your pillows, settle down on the floor and you’ll be ready to catch up. 😉

  7. Congratulations to the fantastic H50BAMF-team! You always make my day with your posts which are soooo much fun and yet quite often full of depth and seriousness, too, when appropriate. Thanks for your great work 🙂
    I’m already looking forward to all the new goodies you will be spoiling us with over the next few months – especially the “Mary Bryant” recap. I love this movie!

  8. GREAT… thanks god, there are girls like you. i just love this side ….. can’t wait for new season…… 🙂

  9. The world could use more of the type that run this show! Raising a glass to y’all – thank you for all the fun, pretty, pervy and joyous work you do!! Xxx

  10. You can always put an extra follower to the total amount (for me) because i’m a follower too!! I just couldn’t put myself on the list because i’m afraid i might be busted!!! How could i explain to my family 😉 !!! Family email sucks, but give me some time, i’ll find a way! But i check here daily be asured (actually by the hour 😆 but don’t tell anybody!
    Buttercup loves the work you ladies do very very much! Thanks!!

  11. Congrats on 2.800 followers! Here’s to the next 2.800! 😀 Cheers! Thank you all for this wonderful site!

    Looking forward to the MB recap. Everyone who haven’t watched MB yet: You should! It’s fantastic! Alex is fantastic! *sigh* It’s not for nothing that he received two awards nominations for his portrayal of Will, as Best Lead Actor in Television from the Australian Film Institute Awards (2005) and as Most Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series from the Logie Awards (2006).

    • OMG i don’t know if we can handle 2800 more. lol. Seriously it’s not about the quantity, its the QUALITY and we have some uh-mazing followers. The only thing the 2800 tells me is that there are more and more people in this fandom that are looking to escape all the negativity and drama. 😉

  12. Congratulations and keep up the great work! Your site makes me smile. I love the pictures, the captions and all the comments that are posted. This has become a part of my daily routine, and I always look forward to seeing what comes next! MWAHHH!!!

    • Louise that makes me so happy!! Sometimes it’s a struggle to get a daily post out so to know that there are people looking forward to it every day and enjoying it makes it worthwhile.

  13. Dear ladies ESS, KIM, STEPH AND RAINY!!!. I GIVE YOU ALL MY SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS AND RESPECT……..I don’t only think you do a hard work every day but a very professional one. I admire your truly dedication to this blog, you are the best fans Alex could ever have in his entire career and I would be so happy if you could have the chance to meet him in person, you really have earned it………….ESS, you might haven’t seen Mary Briant, not because you are a bad fan but you are a very busy and fabulous H50 fan……..I’ll wait all the new things you wanna share with us and keep following daily, well. I can’t stop doing…..I’m sure you’re gonna have the 3,500 followers very soon. THANK YOU!!!!. ps. I love the H50BAMF language, lol!!!

  14. Congrats and looking forward to more greatness from all you fabulous ladies!! You never fail to make my day! Hugs! 😘

  15. Last (?) once again – nevertheless the sentiment is the same as if I’d been first – THANK YOU for all the time you spend on this! I have no idea how you find it but am utterly grateful that you do.
    The time I have spent here has been marvelous and now it seems you will make it even better! Looking forward to what’s coming, both here and on the screen when the new season starts.
    Once again – big THANKS as well as a big hug for each one of you.

  16. Not quite last ~~KarinA. Can’t follow on weekends but I have to add my thanks to the long list above. You all give so much of your time and effort to make this site the joy that it is. Your dedication is much appreciated and you make a difference to all our lives. Plus it’s all done with such wonderful and naughty humour. I love it!!! MAHALO. Yeah that was a big shout!!!

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