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The role that made me a fan.

Forever LOVE


Last year during H50’s winter hiatus, H50BAMF took a look at Alex’s Criminal Minds episode.  That post can be found HERE.  It’s the one role that is entirely mental to me and I have no naughty thoughts of Vincent and can’t rectify calling him ‘sexy’ or anything because this episode has haunted me in such a psychological way.

Ok, maybe briefly when he’s running around in his undies and dat ass is on display. But ONLY BRIEFLY! FML.


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  1. I’m pretty sure Alex is quite proud of this role and so he should be. As gorgeous as he is he is also a much better actor than some critics give him credit for. This part proves that. He was totally creepy and yet vulnerable. Brilliant job. Oh and no matter what part he plays he can’t help being sexy as f…

  2. This was such an intense performance. One that should have earned him a few nods at awards. But I guess he is just too good looking for that. He did a brilliant job with Vincent. As he does with every role. It is such a shame that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

    And he can’t help it to be sexy even as a creepy serial killer. LOL

    • HAHA! I just don’t find Vincent sexy. …..do I have to turn in my fangirl card??

      He couldn’t have been more brilliant as Vincent and I don’t know another actor who could have taken him on the arc that Alex took him on. His friend Simon Mirren wrote Vincent with Alex in mind so it was a match made in heaven.

  3. Alex was amazing playing Vincent,you could really feel the pain he has inside of him. I think it’s one of his best roles (besides Steve of course).I love Criminal minds but sometimes it’s to scary to watch and I get creeped out by the killers. Vincent felt different and I think it’s because of the way Alex showed Vincent as a human beeing.

    • That CM scares me too! I have only watched a few epis, it’s to much creepyness for me! I’ve watched those aol epi (was it a two-part?) a long time ago, so i guess i have to rewatch before mixing myself into the conversation 😃!!!

      • I’ve watched CM since episode 1 and this episode has been the standout episode to me, long before I knew who this Alex dude was. lol. I was THRILLED when I looked him up online and saw that he played Vincent. I knew right then and there that Alex was more than a handsome face.

  4. Alex portrayed Vincent perfectly, equally vulnerable and cold and calculating. And I agree, he’s so handsome that his talents are overlooked because of it. I wish someone would realize that he’s just not another pretty face.

    I love CM (some epis are scarier/creepier than others!) and would love to see a cross-over between the shows. I think all the hotness of Steve and Morgan (Shemar Moore) would make the screen spontaneously combust!!

    • ACA on everything Karen!! I would have much rather seen a crossover between H50 and CM than with NCISLA. Though it would have been tragic for Alex to miss the episode so I guess it worked out.

  5. First, thank you for bringing Vicent back!
    You say that this role made you a fan. For me was the confirmation that Alex is a amazing actor. Only met Alex in Hawaii Five-0 and I was curious to watch more about his work. When i researched his resume the CM caught my attention. So Vicent was my second Alex’s character and the first bad guy. The complexity of the character gave the oportunity to Alex excel, shine and confirm that he is not just a pretty face or good looking guy. He had the ability to give us the duality of a serial killer/human asking for help in a way that we want to forgive Vicent. Not only in words but with all looks, gestures, mannerisms. That is what makes the difference of a great performance. Vicent is my favorite bad guy – Thank you Alex!

    • You’re welcome!! I should post more Vincent. I tend to forget some of the lesser roles. I’m working through screencapping them all so stay tuned for more treats. 🙂

  6. I was already sold on Alex when this aired. TVGuide, btw, did a one page story on Alex before it aired, his “come back” after Moonlight in this CM ep, and his crazy fans…also with a very nice pic from their spring sexiest shoot. So it got good press, with some very nice comments from the CM set on his performance… something about how the cast and crew crowded around the playback to watch him do his Vincent thing. 🙂 Also Alex still had his MySpace page at this time and he had a countdown clock to his CM on it… it was AWESOME!!

    I was blown away at how different he looked, spoke, walked, moved… just a totally different man to Mick. It was amazing and fabulous. Tho I do wonder why the CM people decided to put Vincent in those body clinging thermals. Did they not register that it showed off Alex’s hard-won form? I mean, who woulda thought that poor crazy Vincent hit the weight room at the gym?? 😆

    • “So it got good press, with some very nice comments from the CM set on his performance… something about how the cast and crew crowded around the playback to watch him do his Vincent thing.” – I remember someone saying that, I think it was Paget. she said that’s when you know you have something special. HELLS YEAH!

      Hey, who says serial killers can’t be buff?? Lol.

  7. PS…meant to add, that screen cap is gorgeous and sharp! Well done!!!! And thanks for that. LOVE great pics.

  8. Alex’ performance in CM was OUTSTANDING! Mindblowing and stunning. And more.
    After the cancelation of ML it ended our dry spell and I couldn’t wait. I remember that I feared he would just be one of those ‘typical bad guys/serial killers’. But boy, he portrayed a killer on a whole new level, blew me away. And not only me, my hubby too. (I admit, I was so proud as if my dog had eaten with knife and fork.) In just roundabout just 20 min. of screentime he formed a complete human being, a creature that was victim, a killer, a lost little boy, a desperate, someone who is seeking for help, mentally ill and of course someone who suffers of OCD. Disordered, deranged – but human.
    This man can ACT! Period!
    I never cried for a serial killer before, but I did. Again and again!

    “You can never, ever wish to be dead.
    Never wish for that.
    I saw my mom die too,
    and like my father,
    I did some pretty bad things,
    I did some pretty bad things.
    You’re gonna hear things,
    you’re gonna hear bad things about me,
    but you can never,
    ever wish to die, Stan,
    because you’re special.
    Because you helped me to see.
    To see.

    Forgive me.”

    Start crying…. now!

    • “(I admit, I was so proud as if my dog had eaten with knife and fork.)” – I FUCKING LOVE YOU! LMAO!!!! I get the same feeling when I show friends anything Alex has been in. lol.

      UGH…that ending scene has haunted me for years. YEARS!!! that’s when you know you’ve hit something special.

      “Forgive me”.- for being a FLR?

  9. I saw the episode and I was like, “Oh my God”. Alex did a terrific job of playing Vincent, a serial killer who in addition to battling with obsessive-compulsive disorder likes to stab women to death and even record their deaths. In addition, Alex could make Vincent seem shy, timid, almost innocent one minute and then have Vincent become a ruthless, merciless, psychotic killing machine.

    I loved Alex in this episode and I couldn’t believe it when Vincent died. 😦

    • The entire arc he takes this character on is nothing short of amazing and you buy it and pay for it with cash, baby! When he walked in front of Stanley on the bike, to this DAY I freak out thinking he’s going to kill him! Then he plays it sweet and we see this side of Vincent thats so caring and sweet. Like with his friend he *has* to kill, he tried to get her to leave…he didn’t want to. Yet as Hotch said, he could have turned himself in if he was wanting to stop that badly. So he wasn’t so completely sympathetic. The dichotomy in this character was superb.

  10. I personally think the critics don’t give Alex the credit for this role is simply because most of them don’t realize that it is Alex O’Loughlin as Vincent (I know I didn’t). Vincent was the serial killer you knew was bad but you loved him anyway. Alex has such range as an actor and there is certainly nothing Wooden about him ( well maybe one thing). So often overlooked for his talent because of his looks. We really need to see more roles similar to Vincent because the MAN CAN act.

  11. I personally regard Alex’s appearance as “Vincent Rowlings” in this episode as being the greatest of his career although I’m sure others will disagree with me on that.

    But that’s what I think. 🙂

      • For me, Vincent is a ver-r-r-ry close second to Mick, my all-time favorite. I still get chills when I see The Big Wheel re-running somewhere.
        Alex should have been nominated for an Emmy for Vincent. Don’t care about the rules or how it’s done. There is only excellence and that is what they are supposed to be honoring. (Stepping down from my soapbox now)

        • “Alex should have been nominated for an Emmy for Vincent. Don’t care about the rules or how it’s done. There is only excellence and that is what they are supposed to be honoring.” – *stands and gives standing ovation*

  12. Even though I became a fan of Alex through H50 and hadn’t known his name until then, I had watched this CM episode with him before and thought it was the most outstanding and memorable episode ever on this show – because of the fantastic performance by Alex and the fact that I was actually moved to tears by a serial killer. When I first watched CM-ep. 4/22 I just had no idea who Alex was and I’m grateful that I became a fan through H50 and ended up watching and enjoying all of Alex’s previous work and also finally realized that he was the one who had played Vincent, too. I agree that it’s his best or, at least, one of the very best performances by Alex – I’m just always a bit reluctant at putting a serial killer at the top of my list of “favorite roles” 🙂 And I usually prefer fun and sexy stuff of which there is much more on H50 and Moonlight, of course.
    Like several other fans, I would very much welcome a cross-over episode of CM and H50 – Shemar and Alex combined would make this a super-hot episode. I like the CM team a whole lot (The team is the main reason why I love CM), especially Shemar and Matthew – It would be o.k. if just these two were sent to Hawaii 😉

    • Absolutely agree, Angie!!

      LOL about being reluctant to put a serial killer at the top of your list. Good point. 😉 I’ll clarify to say it’s the best “role” he’s had, not necessarily my favorite character. does that make sense?

      • That makes sense 🙂 I agree with you – not my favorite character and not the most “enjoyable” work of Alex to watch but his best performance

  13. This episode is outstanding. Alex made this his own. It is the only episode I felt sympathy for the villain. I didn’t care what the BAU was doing. My attention was with Alex/Vincent all the way. I actually watched Moonlight first and thought Alex was great in that. Then I saw CM and his acting sealed it. Been a fan ever since

    • Haha, that’s true Rita, they wasted time with the BAU people. lol. though in all honesty, they really weren’t in the show a lot. Alex really was the feature of the episode.

  14. Ladies, he is Sir Actor Alex O’loughlin!!!!. Let me tell you that Criminal Minds is a such a good serie, with writters that really knows and investigate all the criminal profiles and Vincent was thought and writen with all the features of a women serial killer: A very intelligent, attractive man but who doesn’t involve in any relationship and that has a traumatic childhood memory usually related to his mother……unfornatelly, along history there have been killers like Ted Bondy, for example….but one thing is write a character and that an actor can be able of give life a such character that you don’t recognize him from this performance to another he had made….OMG! For me that’s a great actor…..I see in Alex an actor that has makings of performance like Sir Anthony Hopkins…..wow! Chameleonic…….sorry for this long comment..

  15. Hello!!
    I have a confession, I didn’t know it was Alex until I got to these boards 😳
    I liked the episode, but agree it scared the bejeebers out of me, but then I was cheering for Hotch! 😉
    Richard Dean Anderson (my first love) did a movie in the 90’s called “Through the Eyes of a Killer” which he played a psychopath and that character literally scared me so much I didn’t sleep very well for two days, I had to watch some MacGyver episodes to get that character out of my mind. When I met RDA in 2006, I slugged him, and he said “What was that for??” and I said for playing Ray B. He laughed!! (Met RDA A few times before that, so he knew it was joke!)

    I know I won’t slug Alex when I see him, cuz I don’t know him as well as RDA. But I enjoyed the CM episode, but not my favorite for re-watches.

    P.S. I haven’t watch the RDA Bad movie for almost 10 years now! I have it, but won’t touch it.

  16. What a great and powerful performance by Alex in this ep! He not only plays Vincent, he nearly becomes Vincent for the time he’s on screen. To some extend probably because he knows how it is to live and behave with ADHD and OCD and could put himself in Vincent’s shoes on that score.

    I loved him as Vincent, maybe because he didn’t play the typical villain but one who is perpetrator as well as victim, an that to perfection. This character was the first villain I cried for – and will probably be the last. *sigh*

  17. TY Leica for remind me the last words of Vincent!!!……..” because you helped me to see. To see…..forgive me”…….Reading you all, I feel so happy because I realized that Alex succeed doing Vincent, he provoques in many of you that dualism of feelings, others couldn’t even recognized him; I met Alex in ML but then I got into the mission of search every role, he had played and my admiration grows and grows…. we’ve been talking the day long about his performance and not about his hot, sexy body or gorgeous face….( although we all love his body and face and I personally burnt when he appeared using that gray thermal, specially the front and back middle third…..uhmmm )……..but seriously, I’m so proud of being his fan and I would love that someday he could read and know how many people admire and appreciate his work, for me Alex has an extraordinary intellience and emotional maturity and that’s why he prefers being outside ” Hollywood bubble”…….so, don’t worry girls he doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves…..
    ESS: This is the most memorable White Hot Wednesday ever……for me. I thank you so much <3!!!!!!!

  18. EU, you said that so eloquently. I never saw this episode so I went and looked at the post. I am so impressed at Alex’s acting. It’s not all about the beautiful face and hot body, but he can play any role given him. It’s time the Emmy’s acknowledge such a great actor. He is an amazing actor and a sweet and kind person. I also am so proud to be his fan and wish him the best! Thank you ESS for showing me another acting role that Alex did perfectly!!

    • EU, did you find a place to see the entire episode? You must watch it if you can. The post doesn’t do it justice.

      EMMY should wake TF up but you have to play the game pretty much to be awarded an EMMY and we know Alex will never play the game. So much for that.

  19. I’ve seen one episode of Criminal Minds, and it was this one – of course I watched because Alex was on it, and like the rest of you I was so incredibly impressed by him in the role. First time I watched it, I had to check to make sure I had the right episode, so different he was from McG! My old DVR just crapped the bed, and it had that episode on it, so now I have to go hunt it down on Amazon or somewhere. Must re-watch another 50 times…

    I can get pretty riled up when I see his acting abilities questioned. Seems like the idiot critics are just hooked on their darlings, so anyone else just sucks, while random people are just spouting what they have heard elsewhere, but unfortunately it perpetuates the myth.

    Its nice to see so much positive feedback!

    • “I can get pretty riled up when I see his acting abilities questioned.” – you and me both!! I love the spouting thing. Every time I hear someone say “wooden” i know they’re just parroting other people’s BS and not even thinking for themselves OR they have an agenda.

  20. Alex has the ability to transform himself, like no other actor. He is one in a million. It’s so great to read all the wonderful
    comments. Thank you.

    • I bought the DVD, but you can maybe watch it on YT (I don’t know exactly, but I think someone must have uploaded it by now). Or try kinox.to, that’s where I watch the new H50 episodes.

  21. Alex was superb! And the long johns were pretty damn good too.

    Agree with all of your comments on his acting–amazing amazing amazing job of bringing the character alive, in 360 degrees.

  22. Alex O’Loughlin is a unique actor and there’s only one word I can think of to describe him- versatile. 😀

  23. I am terrified of knives so this was EXTREMELY difficult for me to watch but I am glad I did because Alex shone in this role with a blazing brilliance. I was overwhelmed by his talent. The nuances of his words and actions in this part were truly Emmy worthy. I was only able to watch it once but it was Unforgettable.
    Thanks ESS

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