New (old) H50 bts pics of #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

A couple new treats have been unearthed by the WWW super sleuths! Unfortunately, the original source was not listed for all of them but listed where known.  If anyone knows the source of the two not listed, please let me know so I can update. Mahalo!

From nicola_kate_lord Instagram

2013 Nikola_kate_lord IG

No credit listed but looks to be Jan 2013 from the Pro-Bowl episode


No credit listed but looks to be S1 due to Danny’s tie. 😉



These have been all over now so i’m really not sure who to thank specifically for the finds but big thanks to Alex O’Loughlin Journal FB, Alex O’Loughlin’s Place and Alex O’Loughlin Chile for the shares that I saw.

12 thoughts on “New (old) H50 bts pics of #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. Unfortunately I don’t know the original sources, too, but I know some more details (results of my own research 😉 ), if anyone is interested. 😳

    The first one was taken around 11/1/12, during filming of ep 3.09 Ha’awe Make Loa. There exists another fan pic where he wears exact the same clothes and where the date is confirmed.

    The second one is indeed taken during filming the Pro-Bowl episode, according to my files around 1/25/13.

    And the third one was taken during filming 1.12 (the christmas ep) in December 2010. And it’s not really a new old one. I saved it back in September 2012, in a larger version. Unfortunately before I got into the habit of saving the source too. The only hint I have is the text that came up with saving the pic: “trio10”.

    Edit: This IS the larger version you posted above. Did you get it from Alex O’Loughlin Journal? I sent it to her. 😉

  2. Thank you Ess for sharing these BTS. Old or new, we love it, especially with a smile like in the first pic. Sigh……….

  3. I am the ADMIN of Alex O´Loughlin Chile but I can´t remember the source….i found it in my old ones folder and I posted it!

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