Fangirl Sunday – POLL of random funny moments #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #ScottCaan

Now that the Three Rivers recap is over (boo), lets turn our attention to the last couple polls I had planned.

Looking through my screencaps there are some that always give me a good giggle so I thought I’d share them with you and see which ones you think are the funniest. Β You can vote for your top FOUR moments.


26 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – POLL of random funny moments #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #ScottCaan

  1. Loved, LOVED 5 and 14. And Chin’s pig explosion was just too funny. And Steve looking at Lucy was just too cute.

    Everytime I see Kamekona in any kind or form reminding me of his flight license, I see red, so not funny AT all. Sorry, but that whole idea just makes me mad. Yeah, I know, I should be over it, but I’m not. I mean I love Kame, but not in association of him piloting a helicopter… that… that… just… urgh. πŸ˜‰

  2. This is so much fun! My personal favorites are: No. 2 because it gives us the combination of August’s hilarious face and Alex with his little friend – I actually love the entire scene with August March and might as well have chosen No. 1. Party crasher Kamekona in pic no. 5 is also a top-favorite of mine, and so is the moment with Mom destroying the fun for Steve in pic. no. 14. Steve’s facial expressions in this McRoll scene all the way to his reaction when Mick picks up Mom for a date, are absolutely hilarious! And, last but not least, I love Steve and his bullhorn in pic. no. 12.
    This is a great selection of funny moments even though there were lots more – such as the flight instruction scene with Steve and Kamekona or Air Kamekona’s inaugural flight or the McRoll dinner at the Rainbow Drive In and so many more funny moments that make me love this show! I’m glad you didn’t suggest all of my favorites because it would’ve been even harder to make a choice πŸ™‚

    • I agree August made some hilarious faces but I didn’t like the creepy manner he had (actually such o good baddie !!!) – his slimy behavior got my hackles up every time he said something! (#2 had my vote too πŸ˜‰ )
      The McRoll dinner (or was it breakfast) at the Rainbow came to my mind too, “Steve telling the guy to wait, having that gun in his face” so-very-Steve-like!

    • There were indeed many more great moments and you will see some of them in upcoming polls, however THIS poll was specifically about the one screencap. That split second in time that was captured on film and how funny that was.

  3. ESS, this is an EPIC poll and yet another proof that you’re a genius!! Your funny captions for the pics are seriously killing me!! Thank you for bringing back August March (the BESTEST S3 perp!) and classic Toast! This poll make me realise that I really like animals: #11 Danno + chickens, #8 Danno + Hitchcock shout out (< haha, Hitchc0ck). And also that I probably like Danno more than I thought, LOL: #6 Danno sticking out his tongue and n!ps. And my last vote went to #2, hilarious! πŸ˜†

  4. 4-cause it’s hard to beat a good tuney fish story. 5-cause Kame is funny always. But I must say this morning my biggest laugh came from you and your tags when I scrolled down and saw “funny shit”. ESS is the best! – Brenda

  5. Ok, this time we can have 4 votes. Thank you for doing this poll a little easier for us.

    I choose #5, #14,#2 and #18.

  6. #2 because mcg was so cool and fabous looking in that scene, ahhh i loved the “swagger-lets-have-a-word-dance” around march before mcg sat down!
    #8 because danno was fun/scary and because seconds ago mcg showed his gorgeous butt in those thight-fitted whitecargos running up the stairs!!πŸ˜‰
    #12 because hot-blooded mcg rocks, ANYTIME!!!
    #14mcroll for the win, cath teasing steve, cute, go for it cath GO!!!
    Thanks for this great poll, thanks for the walk down memory road 😚!!

  7. “36 years old and being caught by mom” LOL!! – the comments were better then the episode. Nice ESS!!

    My votes are
    #2 – Danny face at Steve
    #9. Plant foliage! πŸ™‚
    #10. Chin with the pig juice, I just remember the McG Giggle after that!
    #14 – Caught by mom!! πŸ˜‰ That is why mom needs to move out!!

    Great poll πŸ™‚

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  9. Thank you ESS!! You knew exactly how we could get over TR ending, indeed laughling is so therapeutic. I’m laughing even more with your comments for every pic……they are all so funny and you can realice that H50 is not only a cop action show….it has all! Ok! I like all these funny moments but my choices are:
    # 2 August March was a oldy bad ass!!
    # 4 Steve was so funny using that hat and teasing Danno, but so hot when he took it off and got into the water
    #12 The McG’s big bullhorne….LOL! The whole scene was funny!
    #14 getting cockblocked by mom….since Steve was eating that meal, then naughty playing with Cath and finally when Mom went out with the date Steve “found” for her, I can stop smiling….
    But I also like the comment: Mr. Flasdance ” what I feeling” ( (That character was a masterpiece, I liked his voice!!!) and c0ckblocker ( I learnt a new term).
    TY again!!!

  10. Ha ha! Now this is an easy poll, for a change.
    Because the big bad Navy SEAL is the funniest of them all. Thanks to Alex.
    My favorite is “the bullhorn” #12, that scene cracks me up every time. You could see it on his face, this “pffft police procedure, I’m done with this shit”.
    Then it’s #5: Kameko-ckblocker
    #9: Most beautiful plant ever -> from face plant to face chair!
    #14: the only good she does, causing these faaaces!!!
    I’m missing the “live long and perspire”, the “party time” and the “talk to my hand” scene. Another poll maybe? Steve and his hands?

  11. OK, i finally took the time and voted myself. I voted Max in Bill and Ted (because I’m a HUGE B&T fan and this will never not be funny), the McG plant (because it has to be visually one of the silliest things they’ve ever done), Mr. Flashdance (because the terrycloth headband rocks my world) and 4th I voted for McG & Cath getting c0ckblocked by Mom because their faaaaaces!!!

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