Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #H50

Yeah, I don’t know what’s keeping the cargo’s buttoned either….



18 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. Perfect pic for a good start into the weekend 😉 Have a great weekend! – Oh, and I can’t answer that question about the cargos either 🙂

  2. “Testing the tensile strength of thread”. 😆
    So you’re saying if this whole acting thing doesn’t work out for him, he’s got a new career just made for him?
    I wanna work in that factory!

  3. Tststs, where do you all look at? 😉 I only see hands, arms, and faaaace! Unff!! Oh, and there’s a kevlar, of course…

    Great choice, Kim! 🙂

  4. Kim, we might answer that if we can see the whole package….you know to calculate the volume, the pressure, the compliance ( that’s how long or short could be), the total size and elasticity of the fabric, the size of the buttons, how many, etc….that’s worth a physical and deep research for saturday….I’ve always loved that pants.
    Ah! I love see Steve in black shirt and using “his only his” thight kevlar, I love it. TY!!!

  5. Great choice indeed, love love LOVE the neck/armveinPOrN, love the s1 hair and the and the fingers and I LOVE hot-tempered and hot-blooded steve being on the edge!
    And LOVE the “his only his” thight kevlar (perfect EU 😄) !

    • TY buttercup!…….I agree with you, I love S1 hair…….the little wave in front, a few gray in both sides and the straight mainly sideburns…….unfff as someone said before ” S1 was perfection”

  6. I know it’s Kevlar Saturday, but what about Button Saturday’s instead, cuz um.. that is the first thing I saw!! Cargo pants and then buttons 🙂

  7. Buttons, zipper….who cares!!! They all come undone sometime. Kevlar off first then t shirt, then……. there I go getting carried away again.

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