Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1


Alex – your facial expressions are truly fabulous!!!


32 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. Don’t you want to just take that fab face in your two hands and plant one on him. Actually way more than one.

      • No need to put LLWL behind your post, We wouldn’t believe you anyway. 😉

        This first crossed my mind when I saw the gif above: “I wanna kiss you all over… and over again…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXZ236iBa60

        Love this guy and his facial expressions. He draws you into each and every scene, only with raising an eyebrow. As I said before at Intense Study: My fav Alex scene ever is the dying scene in MB. Not that Will dies, but the moments before. There you can see it all, the love for his family, the love for life, the gratefulness for the time he had with his family, the decision not to get arrested a second time but to die as a free man who with his death might give his family a further opportunity to escape… You can see it in his face, in his posture, even in his eyes.

        • I love your description about William Bryant last scene and agree with you. Alex did a terrific job on MB.

          • Really? As a AOL fan you have to watch it. One challenge: you watch and make a recap and discussion like you did with Feed, OF and CM episode.

            • It’s not that I don’t want to! I even have 2 copies of it in my possession. lol. Its the time. Isn’t it like 3 hrs or so? These blog pages and pics don’t post themselves. 😉

              Ok, how about this..you know some kind of recap sounds great, especially since I will be watching it with fresh eyes. I have some things I need to get done in this month between now and s4 start but how about we plan it for the mid season break? REMIND ME! lol

              • Deal! You want the reminder call at December?

                I know the blog takes a lot of work and you do a great job! If i had abilities i would help you. Hugs.

          • Alex is great in Mary Bryant, that’s true! Usually, I’m not a fan of this kind of films : costumes, past centuries…but I really loved Alex’s work. And yes, this scene on the beach is one of my favourites too. Even if the situations are totally different, it reminds me alex’s last scene from S1 finale : looking at Kono who got arrested and showing without a word so many things/feelings on his face/through his eyes. MB shows how talented Alex can be with subtil emotions and feelings.
            Fatal argument : lots of eyebrows in MB! Does it work??
            If you watch MB, I’ll watch Feed!!

  2. Ahh, I can’t put my finger on the ep this is, and it drives me crazy 😆 !
    I’d say this is Cath he’s talking too and his face looks kinda meatless, so beginning or middle of s2, vest (?) case, arrrg!!

  3. Alex talks with his face without saying a word!!!!!….love the play between his eyes and eyebrowns…..uhmmmm…….chin dimple……at that time world was still in order but never again for our panties……sigh!

  4. As I said: Give this man a role in a silent movie and he will blow everybody away!
    You don’t need words if you can ACT the shit out of a scene just by portraying emotions.

  5. Thank you Kim. I loved this gif. Alex’s expressions are fabulous. Is his way to tell us half of the story. Sometimes he doesn’t need to speak. We understand and feel the character’s emotions only looking at him.
    And always leave us breathless, speechless, drooling and sighing.

  6. I have this feeling that I’m running out of words to appropriately describe how much I enjoy this guy and his face, and your fantastic blogs about him. So forgive me for repeating myself every other day by using the same words – such as great, fantastic, absolutely awesome, wonderful, gorgeous and, of course, truly fabulous. All of these apply to today’s gif of Alex, by the way 🙂 I love the expression in his face – Priceless!

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