September Calendars for the #AlexOLoughlin fans #H50

Mahalo to everyone who contributed!

Wow, how do these keep getting better every month??


I’ve been a bit scattered this week so if you sent me a calendar and I left it off this post, let me now. I hope i loaded them all…. they’re all so good!  Remember, if you want to submit a calendar, send it to me anytime and place the word “calendar” in the subject line of your email and tell me how you’d like to be credited. I’ll keep it and post at the end of the month.


13 thoughts on “September Calendars for the #AlexOLoughlin fans #H50

  1. They’re all great! I love them 😆 !
    That man in a suit is stunning! Even though I love the polos and the shirts, but the light-blue shirt/black suit is smashing! Also the white/grey! (I guess with all the uniform pics I’m in a suit mood today 😉 )

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  3. Thanks ladies for all your hard work! These calendars are the talk of my office, my friends can’t wait to see it! Such a hard decision, which one to choose??

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