BTS video from HNN on S4 H50 helo stunt #AlexOLoughlin

Mahalo to Amy Bakari for uploading this to YouTube and sharing. Looks like it’s going to be one cool stunt.

HNN’s Grace Lee talks to H50’s Co-Executive Producer, Jeffrey Downer about the cool stunt and it’s filming at Aloha Stadium.

Hugs and kisses to @miracle for the heads up ❤

22 thoughts on “BTS video from HNN on S4 H50 helo stunt #AlexOLoughlin

  1. With all we’ve seen and read about it, the season opener will be great IMO. So exited! *jumpupanddown* Looks like Alex did a bigger part of this stunt by himself.

  2. My guess is Steve will do everything to save his woman. I’m the only one who think that he will go after the bad guys to rescue Catherine? Very nice stunt.

    • Yes, he would do everything (and that’s why we – ok, I – love him so much), which includes breaking the law and butting heads with the SWAT captain. At least the press release says so.

      To be honest, he would do everything for all members of his ‘ohana, because it’s the only real family he knows over the last years. But I love to see him doing whatever he needs to do for Cath – especially for her. (Do this sound like a sequence out of a soap opera?)

      • No not really because you said it perfectly. He’d do everything, ANYTHING for his ohana just like when he went to NK for Jenna Kaye, he stayed with Danny near the bomb in S3, he took bullets to the back (of kevlar) for Chin, he fought Fryer for Kono, it’s not out of character or soapy for him to go above and beyond for Catherine. Oh her critics will try to make it like it is, but it’s not. It’s who Steve is. Catherine just gets to thank him in her own ‘special’ way. aka, time to order that 3rd headboard.

      • Very well said. Cath has been in his life longer than anyone on the team – hell yes he’s going to do whatever he can to get to her!

        • I think it’s very cool for Steve to stay with his longtime girlfriend, it fits his personality with the SEALs and so, not the type of guy to hang on to many different women! I’m old-school there too 😆 !!
          And oh, I’m looking forward to the “I-have-got-you-back-kiss” and his gorgeous long fingers grabbing her neck, yummy!

        • And oh, I wonder who’s blood it is on his shirt and ….
          will somebody shed a tear. “I-want-some-crying” or “at-least-watery-eyes”, I’m the sick-kinda-type! 😆

      • So i’m not the only one wishing that this stunt scene is about Steve rescue Catherine!

        Yes, he does everything to save his Ohana and now is Catherine that need him

  3. I asked Jeff on twitter if it was Alex or Justin, he tweeted me back that it was both of them and appears to be seamless. Jeff does a great job with his stunt team. I told he to see Alex safe as well as his stunt team 🙂

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