15 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. Uh-huh, you’re checking if we all did our homework 😉
    Oh yeah, I did, I can see the white and it’s so gorgeous, in b/w as well! (ESS posted this a few weeks ago, in colors 🙂 )
    Ps: I want to rip that shirt apart in thousands of pieces, and not because of the color 😉 !!!!!

    • Yeah, we realized that last night, but then decided that too much of this picture isn’t a bad thing!

      • Yep, there’s never to much AOLhotness 😆 never, never NEVER! I could watch the same scenes for hours and still be amazed by his beauty! Yesterday, e.p. I’ve watched the first confrontation btw McG and Jenna, his all hot and bothered eyes amaze me everytime, how he’s trying so hard to keep control, amazing! Thanks 😉

  2. Oh oh!
    Dead men don’t wear plaid!
    And he is so alive…
    I want to be his *cleeeeeannning woman* aka *Reinemachefrau*…
    (sorry, I love this movie – it’s b/w btw – and everytime I see Alex in plaid I think about it. Someone should say: “Cleeeeeaning woman” to him and watch what will happen. Maybe the buttons on in his shirt snap open and I can tickle him with my feather duster! Oh my god – now I made myself laughing about myself – that’s weird – I think I’ve gone crazy, TY Alex!)
    I only had coffee, I swear!

  3. You’re absolutely right, girls! There can never be too much of this picture – although I personally believe that this applies to almost all pictures with Alex on them 😉
    I need my daily dose of Alex pics and I think it’s impossible to get “overdosed” by them (I’m not sure if “to get overdosed by a picture” is correct English but if not, I have an excuse – I’m German 🙂

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