Three Rivers Finale – Status 1A #AlexOLoughlin #OwisoOdera

Well here we are. The end of Three Rivers.  I want to thank you all who watched this summer and participated. We laughed together and we cried together. It was beautiful. 🙂 As I said in the very first recap, this TV show is very special to me and hits close to home.  Thank you for spending an hour or so each week enjoying it with me.  Last but not least, I can’t thank Kim and Steph enough for their contributions. I really couldn’t have done this all by myself. ❤


Donor:  Roger Banks. Young daredevil extraordinaire

Recipient: Kuol Ketebo. Lost Boy. The Luckiest Man. Andy’s biggest cheerleader. My hero.

Medical Mystery:  “Sarge” Harold Estes. The man who helps Dr. Jordan get her groove back.

Recap:  Status 1A 


We open on a battle scene, thick with anticipation and nervousness.  A young recruit is trying to disassemble a bomb while gunfire starts going off around him. For a minute I forget I’m watching Three Rivers and expect McG to jump out and save the day!

The Sargent blows his top at trainee Parker and stumbles over, stubbornly getting back up and grabbing his chest.


At Three Rivers Dr. Luc has called Andy in to assist him with his bedside manner. That is, trying to GET one. Andy struts in with a little bit o swagger and introduces Dorothy to Dr. Luc. Dorothy seems less than excited to see Dr. Andy and I worry this woman is going to drop dead at any second.  She has to be close to death, yes?   Andy handles her expertly and tells Dorothy Dr. Luc will take care of her and she’s in expert hands.


Andy passes Kuol who is sitting in one of the waiting areas semi unresponsive.  As Andy shouts for a gurney from the nurses, Kuol comes to and says he could hear him but couldn’t respond. Andy assures him that everything is going to be ok. Because he’s The Great Doctor Yablonski.


In some junkyard Bill and Ted  Roger and Craig are setting up to film their  Waterloo  Crucible, their ultimate test.  They are thrill junkies who film their exploits and broadcast on the internet.  Even though Roger fell during his attempt to ride his dirt bike over 10 cars, now that his tailbone is all healed (hee) he’s trying his next feat of 13 cars….with the help of a rocket. This is not going to end well.  Roger crashes and Craig is hit with the rocket.  At  the hospital, Roger is trying to record Craig’s “last moments” for posterity….the nurse hilariously says, “no one said these are his last moments” and as Craig regains consciousness Roger excitedly exclaims he has miraculously risen from death’s jaws.  I love these guys.

The Army Sgt has arrived at Three Rivers and the ER team tries to assess him as he starts to arrest.

Andy has assembled the Transplant Committee  to an emergency meeting on Kuol’s behalf. He’s experienced a transient  neurological deficit  (a blood clot in his brain caused a mini-stroke). He’s in a hypercoagulative state and Andy wants to up him to status 1A immediately.  Another doctor (which I officially don’t like BTW) says that it could mean he has cancer and should be cleared first.  Dr. Luc, to my surprise defends Andy’s decision and says the patient is in a dire sitch, if he has cancer they’ll deal with it after but the sooner he’s listed 1A the better.  First unlovable doc 1 new unlovable doc 0.   Kuol is out of options and they are all happy to up his status.  When Dr. Jordan asks how Kuol is handling the news, Andy admits he hasn’t told him yet. 

Sgt is now awake and Dr. Jordan goes in to meet him. They riff a little about the Army vs the Marines and you can see a light banter start to flow between the two.  He’s not producing enough urine so he says he’ll just drink more since he has to get back into the habit as he’s getting ready to go back into the field.  He’s not at all receptive to the idea of dialysis as his men deploy in two weeks and he WILL get them ready for battle. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??  I’m thinking that BP med isn’t doing him very good right now… O.o


As Roger is filming Craig’s words of wisdom, he has trouble breathing and the doc says he has an acute tension pneumothrax. There’s no time to get him to the OR so they start the procedure right there with the largest needle I’ve ever seen being delivered right to the chest.   The room spins and Roger is down….


Andy is explaining to Kuol that he has Factor Five Leiden Syndrome where the blood clots too much which causes strokes like the one he experienced.  “It sounds like something from Star Trek” <<– Star Trek reference FTW!! But I digress..this is serious y’all.  They need to start him on some meds to thin his blood. Kuol can tell by Andy’s face that it isn’t “so simple”. There are many risks.

At Craig’s bedside we find out that Roger sustained a fatal head injury when he fell earlier.  “Not from something this LAME!!” proclaims his stunned BFFITWWW. 😦


At Three Rivers Kuol proclaims to Andy, “I’ve decided I’ll have no more strokes.” I LOVE YOU KUOL!! Andy tells him that will make his job sooooo much easier! Have I mentioned how much I love these two??  On his way out Andy runs into a Detective from Pittsburgh who pulls him into a room where everyone can see Andy is getting questioned by a cop. Andy isn’t intimidated.  “Do you know why I’m here?” the Detective asks?  “Your parents engaged in an act of love and then 9 months later…” <<<—ANDY FTW!!  That cracks me up because #1 it’s lame and #2 I bet there are 20 takes where Andy isn’t so PG. (Damn you CBS for no blooper reel!!)    The Detective is there for Andy’s Uncle of course. He’s been stealing and laundering money. The A-hole detective threatens to seize the money donated for Kuol’s heart, he doesn’t care that Andy was married to Rena or that he patched up her partner…or THAT IT’s KUOL!!!  Andy tells him that if he’s going to sell out his family, he’s going to need a little time.


Dr. Jordan goes in to visit Sarge who offers an apology to her for the way he spoke to her earlier. He admits that he’s had sudden bouts of anger for the past 6 months and bad headaches. She orders a CT to rule out any neurological issues. The dialysis is working but they still don’t know the cause of his kidney failure.

On her way out she runs into Andy (lucky doc) and he tells her that the money for Kuol is in danger of being seized by the police and asks her to move the money to another account. She doesn’t have the authority to do that on her own but she’ll make some phone calls. Dr. Andy is not amused and may need a hug. I volunteer.


At transplant central UNOS sends a message to spongebob that a heart has been offered. Andy asks if it’s for Kuol and he says that Kuol is backup….Dorothy is primary.  Just as Dr. Luc is signing off on the heart for Dorothy, Andy reminds him that he can pass on that heart so that Kuol can receive it. Being the knight in shining armor that Dr. Luc is, he refuses. I’m assuming he wants the glory of saving his first real patient at Three Rivers. None of Andy’s arguments work and I’m afraid his neck vein is about to blow. It’s very emo and very hot. <g>

Then a very weird exchange happens between Dr. Lee and spongebob where Dr. Lee, in a completely out of character way jumps all over spongebob about his texting regarding Kuol’s situation. He tells him “We have to accept what’s coming.”  The Three Rivers writers really let me down here because I don’t for once think he would act this way, not even if he really was trying “some zen BS to distance himself from Kuol”. Maybe he was just mad at Dr. Luc too and was projecting onto spongebob? Yes, I’m going to go with that. It’s the only way I can come to terms with this fubar of a scene. Anyone have any other ideas?


As the transplant procurement team arrives, Craig is filming his final tribute to his friend. He says he once asked him why would he would tempt fate and sign up as an organ donor? “That’s just me man, I’m all about the karma and the little guy and being awesome.”  And he was…and I have to admit Craig’s final tribute gave me a lump in my throat and a few free flowing tears.


As the transplant team arrives back at Three Rivers we watch Dr. Andy seeing them arrive and handing the heart off to Dr. Luc. His pain and anguish are so raw and real. I want to lay on the floor and throw a tantrum which I know is exactly what he wants to do but is too professional.


After the break, we see Dorothy being wheeled into surgery and the tears form in Andy’s eyes (I can barely see through my own) as he tells Dr. Jordan that for the first time, he doesn’t think Kuol will make it. After all he’s been through. He asks Dr. Jordan how she deals with it. She says he needs balance, a life outside the hospital. Someone to love and to hold him when he cries (ME ME ME ME ME ME) and he asks who is that for her? *busted*  She admits that’s what HE needs not what she HAS.  He urges her to follow her own advice.  Maybe I’m speaking with my heart here or the tears have clouded my eyes but isn’t this the most beautiful Alex has ever been? In this moment? It’s transcendent.

Dr. Jordan goes to see Sarge with good news. She has a diagnosis for him. Von hippel lindau syndrome (you bet I had to google that!)  They do a lot of medical talk and i’m so far behind I just kind of gloss over this part. I like this guy and all but unfortunately, his story is second to Kuol… bottom line is they need to do a risky surgery on him and he braves on. “I’ve stared down a lot of bombs in my day and I bet you have too. Let’s do it.”


I think my entire procrastination on writing this recap is due to this next scene. I’ve always thought The Luckiest Man had the best scenes. I was wrong. Hands down, this is my favorite, most bittersweet scene of the entire series.  Andy visits Kuol who proclaims that he has given up on his oath to not have any more strokes. He tells Andy the story of his friend Lam(sp??) who escaped with him from his village in the Sudan. They ran for weeks, starving, eating what they could find,hiding. Lam never walked quietly but on this day he did. Kuol asked him why and he said that he was going to die. Kuol explained why that probably wouldn’t happen but the next morning when he went to wake him, he was dead.  He said he always thought maybe he was sick and didn’t tell him. Kuol says that now he understands how he knew. “Death is close, Andy. I can feel it hovering like a bird.”

“You’re a great friend, Andy….we’ve had a great adventure, you and I.” –    ALL THE AWARDS!!!!


As Andy watches over Kuol, Pam tells him,  “For what it’s worth, I’m praying for Kuol.”  Andy says, “Would it make me a hypocrite if I did too?” and I note again how much I love these two together and how much their little emo faces kill this scene. Then I’m jarred back by the sound of a buzzer, there is a code blue and it’s not Kuol…it’s Dorothy!  Spongebob gets angry (flashback to episode 1) and he says, “That heart could have saved Kuol!” Yes, very possibly or Kuol could have had post op complications as well. (He wouldn’t have. Because I just know it.)


Dr. Jordan goes in to see Sarge after his surgery and we find a different man.  Calm and serene, thankful to be alive. After a little lite convo he eventually asks Dr. Jordan out for dinner. She says it’s improper because she’s his doctor. AH! Even I knew the answer to that one….she’s only going to be his doctor for a little longer. 😉

Wow, Dr. Luc Shows up and we see a bit of a real, honest to god human side to him. He tells Andy that Dorothy is brain dead and she was an organ donor. Something good may come out of this after all.





The scene between Andy and Kuol has no spoken words. None are needed. I however, need a new box of tissues. Anyone??


Kuol…’s your turn, my friend.

Dr. Jordan has a revelation while watching Kuol receive his heart. She marches right into Sarge’s room and tells him she would love to have dinner.  Ah, love is in the air.  I approve.


The A-hole detective shows up and tells Andy that he’s getting ready to seize the money….oh what’s this?? Kuol just got his heart and you’re a day late sucker! Now bugger off.


Miranda brings Craig in to visit with Kuol. Kuol  is delighted to meet his donor’s BFFITWWW. He shows Kuol the video tribute of Roger and Kuol reminds him that Roger did something great with his life. He saved the lives of 6 people.


The team assembles in Kuol’s room to celebrate his “sort of” birthday.  Andy asks how the meet and greet went with Craig and he says that Craig was a wonderful young man but he’s heard that sometimes recipients take on the traits of their donors.

Kuol: Is there any possibility that I might…

Andy: become a stoner idiot? ….I doubt it.

Kuol: if you EVER see me perched a top a tall building with a rocket strapped to my back

Andy: I will personally come and pull you from the edge.  This heart needs to last you awhile my friend.

Kuol: And so it will.


Review: I thought this was a nearly perfect way to end Three Rivers and the ONE good thing I can say to CBS is thank you for wrapping up Kuol’s story. I can’t imagine going forever and not having some closure.  Kuol is truly one of the most beautifully written characters ever, IMO. He has a selfless, giving and forgiving heart.  Who wouldn’t want to be his best friend?  My complaints are minor and few, I wish Lisa had been there and I don’t like the way they had Dr. Lee react all angry. I get it. This is what these doctors do.  They see this every day and occasionally there is a case that reaches their heart…they probably hate themselves for it, for being human but they are and I’m betting every doctor has that ONE case that gets to them.  I’m sure Kuol was this patient for this group of docs. I understand why he was upset but taking it out on spongebob wasn’t cool. The anguish Dr. Andy felt at having to watch that heart go to someone else when he so desperately needed it for Kuol was almost hard to watch.  I can’t even imagine this in real life, I could never do that job. I’d get into a fist fight for my loved one, and really that’s what Kuol was to Dr. Andy…so much more than a patient he was.  I’m happy they gave Dr. Jordan a little bit of a future but surprised they kind of dropped the ball with Miranda and spongebob.  The story of Craig and Roger i felt was just the right touch and a great way to pull it all together in the end.  I forgot how much I loved this episode.


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34 thoughts on “Three Rivers Finale – Status 1A #AlexOLoughlin #OwisoOdera

  1. Oh my, great re-cap ESS.. you owe me a box of Kleenex. That picture of Andy standing against the desk watching Dr. Luc and company go into the operating room, gets me crying every time.
    I enjoyed your summer of “Three River” re-caps. Loved it. And yes the only time we say thanks to CBS, they finished the Kuol story 🙂

    Your picture spam, the second picture – “I am so much hotter then you” – Oh my – are my eyes watering cuz I am crying so much or laughing!! That one is great – LOL!!

    Thank you again for all your great work, and all the others.. Loved this Summer of “Three Rivers” Thank you again!!

    • Thank you, ONTLLS!!! That scene really gets to me too, when I put myself in Dr. Andy’s shoes. Ugh. It just hurts my heart…as in rips it out, throws it in a blender then pours it down the garbage disposal.

      Thank you for being here and playing with us. 🙂

  2. Thank you sooo much for all the wonderful “Three Rivers” blogs! Even though I only had time to enjoy the photos now real quick before work, I thought I’d better write my comment now since I might not be in the same good mood after my own little doctor’s appointment after work (Just getting a tooth extracted – I wished Dr. Andy was my oral surgeon :-)) – Anyway, I loved every single one of these TR blogs and all the gorgeous photos you girls posted of “Adorable Andy” 🙂

    • Thanks sweetie!! Hopefully we gave you something good to think of while getting drilled. *hee* Just be careful what you utter while under the laughing gas.

      Oral Surgeon: what is she talking about? FOY, BTTF, ACA, Is she speaking English? (or German…. isn’t that were you are?)

      • Ess, this was definitely something good to think of while I was sitting on that chair at the surgeon’s 🙂 Good thing I only got a shot and no laughing gas cause I really might have uttered some crazy stuff about Dr. Andy 🙂
        Since I finally got to read and enjoy the full recap now, I must say it’s fantastic again! I also absolutely loved this episode because of the happy ending for Kuol which made me cry – Like you, I’m a huge “fan” of Kuol.
        Even though I prefer H50 since it’s much more fun, of course, I very much liked TR, too.
        Not only did Alex look gorgeous as Dr. Alex but I welcomed the fact that this show has created awareness of the very important topic of organ donation and has actually inspired many fans to become organ donors like Alex. I’ve been an organ donor for about 30 years myself, and I constanly keep spreading the message about how important and easy (!) it is to become an organ donor. I’m always hoping that I’m not getting on the fans’ nerves though by my frequent posts about this topic on my fansite 🙂 Thank you to you also for sharing the info about organ donation in your TR blogs – I was so happy to read that at least one fan became an organ donor after reading your TR blog. That’s absolutely wonderful!!!

  3. I’m always sad when things end 😦 but I truely enjoyed being here and reading all those recaps! Thanks for the great work, all of you! Alex did such a great job, with all his heart (and still does!!) I’m sure I will come back to this posts!

  4. Thanks for all the fantastic recaps!!
    ESS, Kim and Steph – you totally rock! Big hugs of thanks to you.

    I have to admit I had to read some of them very quickly due to my summer schedule but I truly loved every one of them, and of course Dr Andy and all his friends as well (probably a totally unnecessary thing to say – who wouldn’t love them?).
    Koul has to be one of the most lovable characters ever thought up in the history of TV, and a perfect “sparring partner” for Dr Andy – they were really great together, and I hope that they stayed in touch with each other afterwards.
    It would be nice to one day get to know exactly why 3R got cancelled but at least we have these 13 episodes. Could a reason be that too many people out there had trouble with the OR scenes, too realistic looking? Just wondering…

    As a surgeons daughter I made up my mind to be an organ donor many, many years ago but it was Three Rivers and this summer of recaps that finally made me register officially as a donor – why is it that those small and in reality very easy things so often ends up “to be done another day” and thus postponed almost forever? 😕

    • Thanks for taking the time to read the recaps – (and that goes to all of you out there!) – commenting and interacting with you all is such a wonderful thing – we know that people have other things to do and we appreciate it so much!

      And thank you for officially registering as an organ donor. Its one of those things… we always say we are “going to do” it, but keep forgetting to take the time to do it. Sadly we don’t know when our time is up, and we have lost the opportunity to Donate Life. When Ess first proposed doing these recaps, she felt very strongly about keeping the focus on organ donation – hence the links at the end of the recaps. I all sorts of love her for that.

      • “When Ess first proposed doing these recaps, she felt very strongly about keeping the focus on organ donation – hence the links at the end of the recaps. I all sorts of love her for that.” – Awwww shucks. ❤

        And with the one organ donation registry, it was all worth it… Somewhere, at some point, an addition (up to) 8 lives will be saved because of this summer's recaps. That's powerful.

    • “As a surgeons daughter I made up my mind to be an organ donor many, many years ago but it was Three Rivers and this summer of recaps that finally made me register officially as a donor ” – With that ONE sentence this entire summer was worth it! All the times I struggled to get it completed and posted. ALL. WORTH. IT!!

      I read an article last yr in 2012 that said this show was STILL having an impact on organ donation. Can you imagine how much it could have done if CBS gave it a little more time to grow? I too registered to be an Organ Donor last year after watching this series. That’s a testament to the show and of course I will say a testament to Alex and the rest of the cast. Their ability to bring these stories to life is what helped it touch so many people and move them to action.

    • Thanks Karin! 🙂 I’m also glad for the 13 episodes. And your motivational statement is so true… you never know what the next day brings so the time to act is now.

  5. This is so wonderful!!! All the awards to you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “That cracks me up because #1 it’s lame and #2 I bet there are 20 takes where Andy isn’t so PG. (Damn you CBS for no blooper reel!!) ” <–I didn't think of this, but you are so right! I'm sure Alex had a great time improving his own versions. 🙂

    You are so right that this is the most beautiful Alex has ever been in that scene. Absolutely! That's the sort of scene we'll probably never see McG in, so this is truly our moment. Great writing to throw in that twist to the story and give Alex such a great opportunity. Plus, it mades Kuol's final success that much better.

    Thanks so very very very much for doing these recaps this summer! It's been great to read them and remember this great show. And of course to see all the great pics of handsome, gorgeous Dr Andy! *sigh*

    • MWahhh!! Thanks!!

      “That’s the sort of scene we’ll probably never see McG in, so this is truly our moment. Great writing to throw in that twist to the story and give Alex such a great opportunity. Plus, it mades Kuol’s final success that much better.” – ACA. The words of Peter saying that Alex was miscast as Dr. Andy because he’s an action star tells me that he really had no clue what Alex was (is) capable of.

  6. I have to say thank you again for doing this. Before this, I’d only watched the first few episodes–and always felt a little ashamed as an Alex fan for not having watched them all. Now I can say I’ve watched every single epi, and I’m so glad I did. 🙂 When we finished this, I went right into another re-watch marathon of Moonlight. I’ll be done with that before the next season starts at the rate I’m going. I think I’m attempting to OD on AOL. 😉 Not McG even asked me last night if I needed to get out my FEED DVD. Gotta love him. 😀

    • He sounds like a keeper!! Thanks for playing along with us this summer, I had watched the first 8-9 episodes probably around 3 times and then 10-13 only once though. I really forgot how powerful the last few episodes, mostly this finale really was. I’m happy to have had a reason to go back through it all.

  7. Great finale recap Ess. I too am glad that they wrapped up the Kuol story – and I agree that it is one of the best season-long story arcs of any show I’ve ever watched. Kuol’s character was used in so many ways to tell the various donor/recipient stories, and allowed us to see how the medical staff (ANDY! sniff!) really comes to love some patients.

    Waah. It’s over! *sniff*

  8. I didn’t do the rewatch, once was enough, but beautiful job in this recap, it really brought the ep back and I’m both sniffling at it as well as awestruck at the b*e*a*u*t*y of Andy. So much pretty and as always your pic captions are pure GOLD. (Handsome devil)

    • “once was enough” – lol I’m taking it that you weren’t much of a fan? 😉 But thanks for reading and participating in the fun. I knew the storylines could get really heavy and would need to be balanced out with something so you didn’t leave every week sad and preached to. We’ve always got the pretty to appreciate. 🙂

  9. I really liked this show I live south of Pittsburgh and it was very educational about transplants I’m a donor now because of this show love you alex o

  10. Thank you to the great Three River recap team of ESS, Kim & Steph. What a fun and touching way to relive this show. I also have to thank Netflix for having it for me or I would have missed out.

    ESS you are spot on about McGarrettisms creeping into Dr. Andy. So guess our BAMF is the real AOL. OK with me. And the AndyKuol relationship set the stage for McDanno to continue male bonding and friendship that includes love.

    These pics and gifs are so clear that we can visit Dr. Andy anytime. How lucky we are to have you ladies do them for us.

    THANK YOU! ~ Brenda

  11. Oh, how I loved this episode. Just as much as your review. Absolutely great work.

    I was really sad that the show ended too soon, but was very happy with the ending. Does that even make sense? LOL

    ESS, thank you so much for bringing us Three Rivers again. It was such a great show, with so much potential. I know, I know, everything’s good now that we have McG. But still.

    I so very much enjoyed watching it again in preparation of reading all your great reviews, wonderfully done by your whole team. Thanks again to all of you.

    There is really nothing to add to your words about this ep, so I won’t even try. 🙂

    • I get what you’re saying! Having McG doesn’t mean we don’t love Dr. Andy or miss the show.

      Sorry I took all the words. I get wordy when I get emotional. LOL

  12. So it’s time to say goodbye to a 13 episodes series with a purpose to arouse people for the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation. In my humble opinion they got it. Of course we wanted more because they gave not only good medical storylines but started development of the characters’s lifes in a balanced way.

    Ess, another great recap! I liked Sophia/Harold plot, Luc in the attempt to improve his behavior for the patient but i missed Lisa also. I didn’t understand why they put a new ER doctor at last episode. And i agree with you about Dr. Lee reaction. It was odd. But now i have to write about my favorite characters Andy and Kuol. I loved your Kuol’s description – Lost Boy; The Luckiest Man; Andy’s biggest cheerleader; My hero. Our heros in this episode had one tough and hard battle – fight for Kuol’s life, with Andy in despair to save him and Kuol’s meekness of his fate. The scenes between them were so powerful – Bravo Alex and Owiso. In my country we have the saying “Hope is the last to die” and he finally received a new heart. It was the best way to end the series, with a character that teaches us, remind us in each episode what is important about life – health, love, friendship, family, hope, joy, give and always believe that we find good people in our lives and world can be a better place.

    The picspam is beautiful and breathtaking.

    I want to thank you – Ess, Kim and Steph for this summer special Sunday fangirl picspam of Three Rivers. Yes Ess, we laughed together and we cried together. It was wonderful!!!

    PS I want also thank you Sam for your gift to me. I will never forget and always be grateful.

  13. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU : ESS, KIM and STEPH!!!!! I loved to share every episode of Three Rivers, read your narratives, laugh with the comments from everyone, love to see the pics and specially the picspam………..and I have to be honest: I usually don’t like medical series,maybe because I work in that enviroment and for me medical series are far away from reality: indeed I only saw the first two episodes by my own and I had enough….but thanks to Sunday fangirl I found a way to enjoy it and most of all, make Dr. Andy my fav doctor……..the only thing is that it would be very difficult find a damm hot doctor in real life like Andy, lol!………….now, I’m gonna miss it very much……..I will keep seeing every time I feel nostalgic

  14. Perfect recap. I was sooo sad to see this show go, and I was only able to gut it out cuz I knew H50 was starting in a few weeks after. But this rewatch has got me both loving and missing Dr. Andy more. I think Alex did exactly what he was aiming for here, and he played him perfectly. Andy seemed incredibly real. I loved loved loved, for example, how he nonchalantly used the hand sanitizer, discreetly but he did it every time, he contacted with a patient. There was the quiet, very educated man way he reacted to disappointment or worry or irk, the deep breaths, the expressions, the slumping shoulders… or the little victories he enjoyed, seen on his face or with the squared shoulders and that perfect Andy posture… Little things, Alex things, but as he always does, it made me feel like this character really was living and breathing and working somewhere on this earth.

    So as to PLenkov’s assessment… pfffffttttttt! Only problem w/Andy was too little of him. I did miss Lisa in this ep; I wanted to see Andy’s happily ever after, but it was not meant to be that show, so I can deal. I loved the team gathering at the end… not perfect but satisfying. And the Kuol thing… Alex will have a fab bromance on every show he does, cuz Alex will have THAT chemistry with somebody. Our guy exudes pheromones, people. They travel across time and space and right thru the screen. No gender is immune. 😉

    Thanks, ESS, Kimmer, and SJ! You all delighted and entertained us, all summer long. You really should take a bow, ladies… we are all applauding! Standing O!!!!! 😀

  15. Thank you so much ladies for all your hard work and dedication to this and all things Alex! While I wasn’t able to respond to all the recaps, I did read and enjoyed each and every one.

    This was the perfect ending for what could have been a great show. I’m happy Kuol had a happy ending. As always Alex had that magic where he was able to connect on so many levels to all he worked with. His acting and range of emotions pull you in and keep you there!

    I can’t add anymore to this than all the ladies haven’t already said. I’m just very happy that someone else realized Alex’s potential and gave him McGarrett to make his own! Bye Andy 😢so happy to have met you.

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