16 thoughts on “BTS filming #H50 8/27/13 epi 4.05 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. I know you have a thing about blue, but open necked, showing forearms, looking entirely come hither. works for me!!!

  2. Just adorable. Alex is certainly rocking those shirts. This must be the 4th episode where he has not worn a t-shirt. This sounds to be a good especially after the tweets from bts the other day from one of the extras

  3. Yeah McG seems to be stepping up his shirt choices. One small step, ESS. Maybe he’ll go a different SHADE of blue next season. 😉

    • Only because I’m thinking she must be very “due” by this point (baby at end of summer?). My first thought was “there he is, on his phone again”. He seems to have so many friends and acquaintances, I wonder if he has an extra memory chip just for his address book 🙂

      • Baby???? Yes, I know of the pics taken at Relay for Live in April and Malia on one of them in profile looked to be pregnant, and another one taken on the same day at the James Taylor concert, but is there any further confirmation? Did I miss something?

  4. Scott laughing again, and Alex on the phone.. so what is new?? Thought Alex doesn’t like Facebook or Twitter! 😉 Guess he chats with Malia and Saxon and friends

  5. The May picture of the family shows a very thin Malia in white shorts. She doesn’t look pregnant to me. Anyway, Alex is looking great these days!

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