Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin by @kimphin1

Yes. To everything.

credit: CBS 2012

credit: CBS 2012


29 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin by @kimphin1

    • you can actually make a screensaver with a big aol background and this there in the middle animated (I mean a pic in pic as gif). Cause this alone wonΒ΄t fill your screen. ThereΒ΄s nothing like having a 17.8 inch screen filled with this man!

  1. Yes to… ANYthing!! sigh…
    Hot. Wet. Shirtless. Smirking.Tattoos (badly) hidden or not. Scruff. unff!
    Can’t make a real sentence today *-*.
    Thanks Kim!

      • I like cheetos too, very very much, “mampfffff” πŸ˜‰ and I like to lick the rest of the crumbs from the plate with my tongue! *giggle*

        • looking or more exactly staring at this gif, I could change curlys for cheetos and join your cheetos club!
          And what a lovely plate we would have here…

        • LOL!! I would have thought the brand name would have stayed the same or I guess you probably have a different company that makes them there. Glad you could google them. πŸ™‚

        • I had to google it the first time too! And, of course, ESS helped to enlighten me personally! Now i’m really happy to be in the cheetos’s club!!
          Btw in switzerland we call dem”zweifel paprika”!!!

          • I checked up in the shop, and we actually call them “snacketti”! (I’m not much into chips but with THESE crumbs… πŸ˜‰ )
            So if you happen to visit switerland, get into a shop an buy a bag of “Snacketti” and enjoy!

  2. Jesus, Maria y Jose; los 3 reyes magos y los 12 apostoles!!!!……….if angels are like that, please Lord take me to heaven…<3, ❀
    PS…….please, don't send flowers, send more pics…….but specially the bottom of this one!!!!

  3. Funny how back there he was still pretty white in many places the sun had tried hard to tan!!! Now he’s the Hawaiian touch EVERYWHERE (neary πŸ˜‰ )!! Thanks, he so frkn hot, all wet, a girl’s dream!

  4. Topless Tuesday pics of Alex jump starts my heart! The only thing better would be seeing the bottom naked. I want to see more topless McG this new season!

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