First promo pics for H50 4.01 #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

There are a few more of just Chin but i’m having a bit of technical difficulty at the moment so i’ll try to get those up later. Here at least are the ones with McGarrett.



Pic credit to: Norman Shapiro CBS


22 thoughts on “First promo pics for H50 4.01 #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

  1. Finally we get to see that gorgeous face looking up at Chi who is 6’4″ to Alex’s 6’1″, these two will not only go toe to toe but nose to nose, lol. So going to love to see these two go at each other. Thanks Ess ❤

  2. There is a man bigger than Alex in this show???? Wow! I’m impressed!!! Face to face, literally. Soooo exited! Thanks ESS! 🙂

  3. Oh, this is going to be GOOD with Chi–I like him. I’m thinking he won’t have many scenes with Danno, unless they’re walking down stairs or something and Danno’s a step behind (it’s the only way they’ll be in the same frame).

  4. I am SO looking forward to Chi! He has just the right attitude and humor to cut it on this show. Not too many guys can make McG look up…

    • “Not too many guys can make mcg look up” yeah, i like that, lets see what happens! I love mcg on the edge!

  5. anyone know why his hair looks like this? even though he’s still the same I think he does not look his best. IMO

    • I’m pretty sure Alex’s hair is still really short in Ep 401 as a function of “continuity” between Ep 324 & Ep 401 since they take place on all or part of the same day. He couldn’t grow it out for filming 401 ’cause it was short in 324. He’ll probably grow it out more as Season 4 progresses (I would guess, but I don’t have any official information either way).

  6. Thanks for sharing these!! Chi’s size is impressive. Alex’s absolute indifference to his bloodied hands and shirt amuses me. This had better be good!! 😀

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