Candid #AlexOLoughlin with fan ***Updated***

From Mary-Rose Kiely Facebook.
*****Updated information****** This is the original postsing of the photo by Ms. Kiely on her own personal FB page. Looks like she works at Scribes so maybe they have a page for their employees who have met celebrities. I say she met the best of the best! Mary-Rose FTW!!!


Thanks to my friend Titine from Addicted to AOL Facebook ❤

27 thoughts on “Candid #AlexOLoughlin with fan ***Updated***

  1. Actually, I checked the FB page of Scribes and it’s in Ireland (great name BTW). Her post was from April 19, so I’m thinking she was on vacation in Hawaii (and she didn’t wash her Alex-kissed face until the next morning–how cute!). I think she’s the owner of Scribes.

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