Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin by @kimphin1

Another awesome collage by Ess!


(And we get a little bonus shirtless in there too!)

22 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin by @kimphin1

  1. Omg, it looks like a postcard from AOL Hotnessland! Beautiful, gorgeous, HOT&sexy 😉 I would send it to all the women I know!

  2. We get a little bit more than shirtless Kim!!!……we get Mick shirtless, Mick WEEEEEET and shirtless, Mick SHIVERING and wet……unff…. Mick wearing sun glasses and cap…..unff and one of my fav scenes when they were at both sides of the wall “feeling” each other …..uhmmmm…’s 3:45 Am and I couldn’t sleep so I thought to take a little look to H50bamf , I’ll try to go back to sleep dreaming I take out Mick of the bath, dry him with a towel, specially his hair and sleep hugging him………wonderfull collage ESS!

  3. Great collage, I want to thank you girls for everything you do! I do not post on your blog very often, but I visit and read it every day. And you girls always put a smile on my face, thank you for that! Love Alex as Mick. 🙂

  4. the pic of him in the ball cap is what started this never ending drooling for our Alex dear, I was flipping thru the stations to find something to watch and almost swallowed my tongue, for me the ball cap and sun glasses ( that gorgeous body and face) is such a turn on. just my weakness, and now i’m here with all of my friends.

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