Editing pic #H50 4.03 #AlexOLoughlin

Yes, please and thanks.


Oops forgot to say Mahalo to Peter for sharing the editing pic today.


23 thoughts on “Editing pic #H50 4.03 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Is that a blue suit, blue shirt, AND a blue tie? ROTFL. And does he have a black eye? Thanks for this. So nice to come home from work to see this. 🙂

  2. Loving the picture but have to say blue suit, blue shirt, blue tie just makes me feel blue. I guess putting a white shirt on him would have been too hot to handle. So far this season or should I say Alex this season is looking hotter than ever. Thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks. I guess they like to match everything, in 3.18 was black suit, black shirt and black tie., but he looks HOT.

  4. Oh ESS, I feel so so so sorry for you 😉 !!!! They gotta be kidding!
    It looks like the blue is flowing out of his eyes! BUT – OMG – HE LOOKS SO FRKN HOT!

  5. OK – finally cracked, the abundance of blue doesn’t normally bother me, but are they serious with this- blue suit, shirt AND tie! Has nobody who works on show, EVER looked at this man and said to themselves “hmm, we got ourselves a very talented actor here, who just happens to look like GQ model – LET’S PLAY DRESS UP”. I’m a convert Ess, who do I write to correct this terrible wrong?

  6. LOL Take a look at the BTS pics from that day. It’s not THAT bad. Except his face in said pictures…

    And I won’t complain. It’s no camo, no shirt, no cargo pants, it’s a SUIT! No matter what colour, it’s a suit, and Alex looks freakin’ HOT in suits!

  7. What could be the occasion? Wedding, Birthday, Funeral (you don’t really wear blue at a funeral, do they in Hawaii?)
    I mean, who wears a tie, it’s Hawaii?

    • In the previous BTS pics it looks like they filmed on a naval vessel and it was mentioned that they had dinner together (but I don’t know if this referred to the filming)… I would think Steve would wear his uniform on this occasion, but who knows… Maybe something unofficial…

  8. The tie needs to contrast, not blend, so the man will really stand out. Not sure why they’ve been giving him these “godfather” looks this year. Maybe they’re just messing with us and he’s wearing shorts and flip-flops 🙂 Like news anchors–never quite sure what’s covered by the desk.

  9. Another nice tease pic, isn’t it? Steve in suit and a tie = Handsome man indeed. Now we can dream of undressing him. Maybe Catherine has a chance on this episode?

    PS. Sorry Ess for too much blue on him.

  10. LOL, I better laugh!!!! I guess somebody in the wardrobe department of H50 has a obsessive compulsive disorder about blue color and my other conclusion is that there is any woman in that team…..it’s too much. When I see a man so catastrophic combined I always think that the poor guy doesn’t have any woman in his life to advices him……..I support the idea that Cath should undress Steve each time he uses a blue shirt……..and as far as we have seen that should happens in every episode………sorry ESS……..Alex is so gorgeous that with a simple and ordinary white tee, he looks stunning and shirtless even better…

    • HAHAHA!! EU I love it!! —>> “I support the idea that Cath should undress Steve each time he uses a blue shirt……..and as far as we have seen that should happens in every episode”

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