TV Promo for the new Friday Night #H50 #AlexOloughlin #ChiMcBride

Ooooohh, yeah. I’m going to love (to hate) Chi McBride!!

Looks like they’re writing him EXACTLY how he plays the best and the man can do anything.  I am so looking forward to his scenes!

Thanks to TVPromoDvr2 for the vid!

I’ve also archived it in the H50BAMF youtube account.

Mahalo to @heyD50 and @mymaximus for the find!


19 thoughts on “TV Promo for the new Friday Night #H50 #AlexOloughlin #ChiMcBride

    • Ha ha, you’re so right there! And walks around, camera angle from every side, crap, so unfair!
      We did have some short glimpses of mcg underwear (3.20) did we (?) but he was never actually removing them!
      Can somebody please do SOMETHING!!!!!

    • I’m still mournig over mcg jumping from the balcony in the pool and we couldn’t even see him getting wet or be wet! I was so devastated!

  1. “The hottest team in paradise has a brand new gun.” Indeed! LOL Soooo looking forward to seeing this! I think I’m gonna love the new SWAT captain! 😉

  2. Just makes me wonder if maybe the no shirt and no shorts might be an Alex choice, I may not like it but it would sit better with me than PL deciding to cover him up. As for Chi’s character going up against McGarrett reminds me of when he punched Fryer “Nobody messes with my team” My money’s on the seal but it’s going to be fun watching the two butt heads.

  3. Now i’m looking forward to watch it. I never watched anything with this actor and Ess assure me that i will love it. By this promo i will!!! Thanks Ess.

    PS My only regret is that Steve did not undress pants so easily. We have to keep dreaming and wishing!!!

  4. Marta, if you have the means, watch a few episodes of a TV show called “Pushing Daisies” and you will fall in love with him.
    Fall. In. Love. <<– promise!!

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