Three Rivers delayed…. #alexoloughlin

My apologies but the Three Rivers recap will be posted late this week, possibly Monday or Tuesday.  I admit I procrastinated a bit this week because I was so sad for the recaps to end. I’m sad to say goodbye to Dr. Andy, Kuol, Lisa, Dr. Lee, spongebob and the gang 😦

So forgive me for being late, I’ll try to make it worth the wait.


Andy is not amused.

I’m sorry Andy.  Do you need to punish me?


11 thoughts on “Three Rivers delayed…. #alexoloughlin

  1. Don’t worry ESS. It’s sure we’re gonna love it….since last week I’m nostalgic…sometimes I wonder what would it be if moonlight and Three rivers would last more seasons….but then I think possibly we wouldn’t have Alex as Steve…..

  2. Once again with the apologies! It’s ready when it’s ready and we’ll be lucky to have if – this must be a toughie!! Xx

  3. Take your time – it is always worth the wait – and as an extra bonus for me this recap I can read “at once” as I finally have been able to catch up with everything (tough job 🙂 ) after more then a month off the web !!

  4. You want a excuse to be punished by Andy, don’t you? Smart girl!!!

    Take your time because no one want to say goodbye to Andy and Kuol (and the rest of the team).

  5. OMG, I love the blink at the end. An exclamation to his frustration. ESS, what have you done to him? Do it again! 🙂

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